His life as your life


An imagined world of compartments and dichotomies is a function of a false reality. This illusion stemmed from the fall, the separation of humans from God and the effort to construct a ‘righteousness’ so that we would ‘be like God’ in separation from God. The result was that we became separated from ourselves from each other and from reality. We made up our own knowledge of good and evil.
When creation was complete, God looked at it and saw that it was all good. So the distortion of ‘good’ that we know as evil came from the fall. The re-establishment of truth, of life and reality comes from the resurrection.
Keep in mind that ‘reality is Christ’. Ponder also that ‘in Him we live, move and have our being.’ This was true in principal before the cross but absolutely so after it. Since then we have live in the truth of the atonement whose real meaning is the at-one-ment. In Jesus we are both one with God and one with all of creation.
There is
no sacred and secular in the Kingdom of God. Jesus has not perpetuated religion. He is life and multiplies life without limit. He is personally in you and with you. Since the trinity is incarnated in your being, you are an agent of His life and a vehicle of the new creation.
The divine presence is carried by you. There is no place where God is not, no day that is more holy than any other day and not motions that are any holier than other motions. You are holy because God is holy and lives in you.


Since the new creation and your life is a sacrament to God and you are continually filled with His Spirit, you are His life as a son and you impart His life to any situation in which you are present. This is not meant to discourage meeting together. But .. a praise and worship service is no more sacred than your barbeque.

The Bible is the word of God but to the sensitive eye and the trained ear everything that exists is an avenue of revelation. We are talking the difference between spirituality and religion. Our life is a sacrament because God is in us and with us and we are imparting Him through the medium of ourselves. This life in the Spirit.

This can be threatening to some. Particularly if it is all you have. But our non-reborn life is one in which we think we have life when we actually have very little.


You are not extra religious or more spiritual because you are a consistent church goer. I feel sorry for those who relationship with God is no more than the keeping of sabbaths, church attendance or one or two moralities. Our inheritance is a life: His life as ours. God with us and in us.

I have known Christians who are embarrassed at the name of Jesus and know many who are uncomfortable with the idea of intimacy with Jesus. One writer observed, that religion is a way of keeping God in His place. This is why people become hostile or uncomfortable about genuine moves of God.

For some Believers a sacred and secular reality is good, for it allows them to divide their life into His life and theirs.

Manifestations of the Spirit can be unusual but are not authentic because they are bizarre. In the new testament age God is in you in fullness and you are the main manifestation of the Spirit of God.

Religion restricts, degrades and compartmentalises the infinite life of God. Incarnation is the multiplication of this spirit and life into every possible circumstance. Richard Rohr observes,

When I know that the world around me is both the hiding place and the revelation of God, I can no longer make a significant distinction between the natural and the supernatural, between the holy and the profane. (A divine “voice” makes this exactly clear to a very resistant Peter in Acts 10.) Everything I see and know is indeed one “uni-verse,” revolving around one coherent center. This Divine Presence seeks connection and communion, not separation or division—except for the sake of an even deeper future union.” (1)

Living in religion with its compartments and rites is like the man floating down a fresh water river dying of thirst because His last water-bottle is empty. Living water is the presence of God who is in you and with you. This presence is both general and personal as in the unique persons of the trinity who live in and with us and minister into our humanity.

The new covenant is life in the Spirit. In this life we are spiritual because we are one with God, God is interwoven into our being and we are sons in spirit and in truth because God is sustaining us and God is in us. Confined to the old covenant and the law our soul is shrivelled, our spirit is off line and we are spreading religion when we could be spreading life.


We are not ‘in the Spirit’ because we deploy the gifts. We are in the Spirit because the incarnation is our life and we are the expression of God – namely the sons and daughters of God.

We can live in a contractual compartmentalised life and have drops of water to drink and impart. We can live in God where we have been placed and live in unlimited life and be rivers of spirit and life. The old covenant in this hour is a dry creek with a few water holes and an occasional crocodile. The new covenant is your union with God which makes you are river of living water for yourself and others.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 15). SPCK. Kindle Edition.