His life as your life


Life in the Spirit is life in the incarnation. It is us living in the reality that we and our Father are one. Spiritual gifts and their deployment are not life in the Spirit. Yet people might attempt the gifts and live in the law as old covenant Believers. This is a limiting, separation mindset that negates the cross and the incarnation.

Life in the Spirit is living in our ‘we and Father are one’ inheritance. The soil of the gifts and the anointing is our post-cross union with God. It is the result of Christ our life who makes us one spirit with the trinity. Life in the Spirit is the manifestation of Christ’s life as ours.


To ignore the new covenant and plough on like a horse with blinkers into the gifts, is to grab a patched wine-skin instead of a new one. It is to ignore our need for Christ to have come in our flesh and to sideline the Fatherhood of God with whom we are one. We are one when we believe it. Not one when we don’t. There’s a word for the gifts added to life under the old covenant: Futility.

Caged in the old covenant the gifts will not function properly and neither will we - because we will be crippled Adam’s living in the age of the healthy and robust Christ our life.

There is nothing vaporous about life in the Spirit. It is Christ come in our flesh, which means Christ multiplied in us and the church. There is nothing so debilitating to Kingdom advance than the church multiplied as the church or the attempt to live some version of the law with the help of Christ. It suffocates what was meant to be a concrete expression of Jesus multiplied and turns it into an effete expression of the letter that kills. In the new covenant our role is to be Jesus multiplied in spirit and in truth. A group of theologians observe,


We’ve rendered the real practical character of the gospel impractical by failing to take it as seriously as we should. There’s nothing we human beings or the church can ever do to establish a more practical relation with broken, diseased, sinful humanity than the one that God has already established in Christ. To enter into a relationship with Christ is the most intensely practical, theological, spiritual relation there is. There aren’t any that are more practical than that, that are more transformative than that.” (1)

A relationship with Christ is more than following Christ. It’s Him as us. It’s incarnation. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. This is the difference between Kingdom and religion: Christ come in our flesh to manifest as the church built without human hands. The Kingdom will never be the law manifesting as anyone. It is the Christ expressed as you and as us all. This is not Christ expressed as Christianity. It is simply Christ multiplied in people.

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