His life as your life


Life in the Spirit cannot flourish outside the new covenant. What is the new covenant? It is Christ in you. It is Christ your life. It is you and our Father woven together as one.

Life in the Spirit is synonymous with union with God.

The gifts and the life – the spirit of sonship - do not work well in old covenant communities. Why? Life in the Spirit assumes union with God. Life in the Spirit – is ourselves being the fruit of His Vine. The anointing and the gifts, cannot function properly when we live in separation from God.


As it happens no Christian is separated from God. But the fact is, that we create our own reality. This means that, if we believe old covenant we live old covenant. You create your own world. We will live old covenant in everyday life when we live in an old covenant mindset. Adamic separation and Mosaic insulation from God will be the reality in which we live. This is why we are called to believe the truth. It sets us free. Don’t live in delusions of the Enemy. Old covenant usage in the new covenant age is a continuation of the fall. It’s a ploy of the Enemy to undo the cross.


You have union with God. It is your inheritance and possession. Embrace it. Abandon revisionist gospels and ‘other gospels’. They cripple your soul, distort and quench the gifts and hinder the Kingdom. Stephen Crosby has this advice for prophetics and all who would operate well in the gifts.

“It is critical for prophetics to understand that they operate in this new [covenant] way of living and being. Being prophetic means more than knowing my gift, exercising it, and impressing people with it. Being prophetic is about integrating well into the new cosmos with my gift.” (1)

‘Activating your gift’ will not end well if we have not entered your union with God where we enjoy the wholeness of daughters and sons. An attempted charismatic life ‘bolted on’ to an old covenant existence causes emotional disease, flaky prophecy and an increasingly moribund community life.

Avoid leaf diseases like powdery mildew in your vine by living from where you have been grafted – into the very fellowship of the God. You are interwoven into the Holy Family and this Family lives in you.

Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV.

The law is irrelevant to your life. What is relevant is this: Christ in you. Christ come in your flesh. The Spirit of Jesus manifesting as Jill and George and everyone.

Operating in the gifts as Kingdom People is about being rooted in our Father as daughters and sons. The ‘new cosmos’ here mentioned is your union with God, the undoing of your life in Adam and the beginning and progress of your life in Jesus. This is not a life doing Christian things so much as life that is Christ as you. One is religion and the other is incarnation, Kingdom and new creation living.

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1133-1135). . Kindle Edition.