His life as your life



We know God and know ourselves through Jesus Christ. Deep Godliness is beyond us if we contain ourselves in externalities, icons and routines. God is not only a person. God is communion and relationship. The reality of God, the true nature of God’s being is trinitarian. The relevance for us is that the relationship of each member of the trinity with each other and their individual oneness is the mode of God’s relationship with us. Just as each member of the trinity is distinct yet part of the other so God is distinct and part of us.

This is the incarnation. This is the meaning of life and the template of the Kingdom of God among us. This is our inheritance – ours not by jumping through hoops but ours as the result of living in the gospel of Jesus and the apostles rather than ‘other gospels’.

A gospel of signs, wonders and miracles from an old covenant mindset is not the Kingdom of God.


In the light of this knowing God through the law is at best irrelevant and at worst a nonsense. “
Knowledge of God is not true unless grounded in the Trinitarian relationship that exists at the deepest level of God. It is only in understanding the Trinity that we can have anything to say about God at all. How then can we come to understand God? Not by listing attributes, finding Bible verses, or observing appearances. Though these things help. Knowledge of God is only possible from within the Trinity.” (1)

We need not ‘do anything’ to enter this fellowship with God. Well, not do anything, other than agree that we have been drawn into His fellowship and His life. We can grasp and nurture this relationship as the gold that it is because from a human viewpoint it is counter-intuitive.


It is for this reason that a meaningful relationship with God is experienced in our new covenant inheritance of oneness with God. An imaginary and partial relationship is ours when we are still contained in separation in the law and old covenant. Talking of ‘belonging’ in the Body of Christ is notional when we live from the old covenant. It is a real experience and state of being when Christ is our life, which means that His relationship with the members of the trinity is our relationship.

From a position in Adam’s realm of the tree of knowledge we can come up with tid-bits of something and nothing for a sermon or to fill a segment at a conference. Then again we can do what Jesus did and only speak the words that He has for us on this occasion, without trying hard or even having a vision or a dream (although we can do). What counts is that we are living in the reality that is ours – we are Father are one. There’s a difference between speaking words and definitions and speaking words of spirit and life. One is the product of religion and the other is the effect of you and Father being one.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 31-32). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.