His life as your life


There is no substitute for a personal knowledge of God which is fine because every person may possess a personal knowledge of the deity and enjoy personal communion with God.

The genius apparent in ‘the lens’ that we have been given is that this lens is both human and divine – so much so that in Jesus we may see who God is and with contemplation see who we are and can become. Thus Paul exclaimed, ‘Christ in you the hope of glory!’

God is not known accurately through vegetables, animals or humans. He may not be seen at all in the landscape of religion. He is not known through scenery to any great extent either. Those who place pictures on their walls with scriptures underneath them could know God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent more intimately if they simply took note of the Christ incarnated in their being or listened to Holy Spirit who speaks within and without with visions and dreams. Christianity is not a religion but a person.

God is neither a projection of ourselves or a non-entity. Yet God is in us and with us. God is Himself and is revealed from Himself. Torrance writes,

This scientific approach, in which we know things only under the constraint of their distinctive nature, applies even more forcefully to the knowledge of God, for since there is no likeness between the eternal being of God and the being of created reality, God may be known only out of himself. Thus if we are to have any true and precise scientific knowledge of God, we must allow his own nature, as he becomes revealed to us, to determine how we are to know him, how we are to think of him, and what we are to say of him. That is what happens when we approach God as Father through Jesus Christ his Son.” (1)

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