His life as your life


There are folks who live out of scarcity when things are not scarce. We might call this living from a poverty mentality. This is a half-life of survival since it is assumed that there is never enough and that the ‘enough’ that we currently enjoy might disappear through some circumstance.
A survival mentality is what peasants endured. It’s why the word ‘peasant’ today is used to connote ignorance and superstition. There was little opportunity and no time to be a person. Having had relationships with those who live in a PM I can attest that it withers the intellect and stifles the spirit – leaving people visionless as a result of making a life from clinging to their stuff, whether their stuff be their goods or their limited ideas. A poverty mentality creates a kind of mental cripple.

Sadly this picture of the miser, can be a parable of
arrested spiritual development.

We have an inheritance in Christ that gives us spiritual riches beyond measure. In Jesus Christ God made a way of revealing His own being to us. It takes focus and repentance to know that there is no other God and nothing about God that is valid, except what is revealed in Jesus Christ. All true theology is restricted to that which is revealed in Jesus Christ. All true knowledge of God must be presented and known in terms of Jesus Christ. Theologies based in other sources end up competing with what is revealed about God in Jesus Christ, making us poor and suffocating life.

A theology centred on the fall, sin and the law will divert us from the truth of God and of our life in Him as revealed in Jesus. A theology centred on the law will be centered on sin - which restricts Jesus to be a Solver of Sin - when in fact He is the Revealer of God and the Restorer of life. A theology focussed on holiness will give the impression that God is essentially about ‘sin management’ when He is actually the source of belonging and the multiplier of life.

The innate legalism of this position suffocates the reality of God as Father and shrinks ourselves as daughters and sons - reducing what is meant to be ourselves as sons drawn into the family of God to live in fellowship with the trinity. This offends the religiously minded who have utilised what is really a Christian poverty mentality to engineer for themselves a version of holiness that lacks real life or any depth. But it does give them a misguided sense of entitlement - which explains their malice when a living way is presented that is far more alive, simple and loving than their parody of a kingdom that is actually their kingdom and not God’s.