His life as your life


The reality of who God is becomes known to us neither through the law or by any other means other than Christ. Even when we see Jesus in others it is Christ in them that is the revelation. Not the person themselves that is normative. Just as Jesus was the example of a person who was one with the Father so new covenant disciples are the same. Their possession of spirit and life is an example to us. Not their persona, mannerisms or opinions. The opinions of some prophetic people are all they are: Opinions. They may be insightful and the product of revelation and they may be not. Our duty is to receive what we see and hear from others through Jesus ears and Jesus eyes so that we are living from our relationship, not someone else’s.
Paul exclaimed to Agrippa, ‘I wish you were as I am apart from these chains.’ Paul made this kind of remark more than once. He wanted all to have what He had: His life in Christ. Christ His life.
When I was a boy we used to sing a song, ‘I would be like Jesus.’ It’s a nice sentiment but good luck with its achievement. You can’t copy Him. Yet to see Jesus is to see ourselves. But Jesus becomes us by the Spirit - which is to say He lives within and expresses Himself through us. The incarnation is the new and living way of grace and righteousness. We become the manifestation of Jesus by agreeing that we are in Him and He in us. This was Jesus’ message and Paul’s gospel.
Jesus is the revelation of our Father. “
As the Son of God incarnate Jesus Christ is thus not only the image but the very reality of God in his self-communication to us, so that to meet and know him is to meet and know God the Father, for he is in the Father and the Father is in him.” (1)
This kind of ‘knowing’ God is important for our growth as sons of God because it is the only true form of knowing God. This does not mean that we huddle as a hermit in some cloister. It means that when Christ is our life God uses every aspect of our daily living to instruct us in the wisdom of life and the wonders of our relationship with Him. God is incarnated in you and in all of life.
By drawing near to us in Jesus Christ who took our human nature upon himself and lived out his divine life within it as a human life, God has opened up to us knowledge of his innermost Self as a fullness of personal being and brought us into intimate personal communion with himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” (2)
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