Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Bill was always busy. ‘Busy Bill’ they called him. He liked that people could see that he was busy. It helped him like Himself and – he hoped- helped God like and value him.
Bill worked consistently. He came from a family that gained their self-worth through effort. Consequently they felt guilty when at rest and seldom spent time just being like eating and chatting. An inner voice muttered to Bill that such activity was a waste of time. It was to Bill because the need to keep busy establishing his self-worth made him time-poor.


Jill felt sorry for Bill. She knew his family well. She asked the Lord why Bill’s family were so intent on defining themselves as ‘workers.’ Speaking into her mind Jesus said, ‘Back through the generations there was a season where they were not loved. So they determined that they would earn love by trying to make themselves indispensable.’ This in varying degrees is the experience of us all. But we are loved not as we should or could be. Jesus loves us as we are.

Jill knew that we are all sensitive to a lack of real love. We are born into a world that is either non-love or conditional love. People often want us to be what we are not in order to make us like themselves. Preventing people being who they are is a subtle and wide-spread form of un-love.

Earning love by what we do is a subtle form of law. Many who are not ‘Moses legalists’ are Christian culture legalists. Earning love in the form of accruing respect drains us of our real selves and makes us vulnerable to being the product of other’s needs and ideas. We will never become our real and true self if we are permitting things like work, the approval of others or pleasing others to shape who we are. You have an identity as yourself. Paradoxically this identity can only flower when you hidden in Christ in order to be revealed as son/daughter of God. This is why we all need to be one with a personal Jesus rather than a member of a ‘Jesus Religion.’


God has made you a son/daughter in spirit and in truth without your help or effort. The gift of eternal life is the gift of eternal love. Jesus set us free from the law of sin and death to live in God’s love. We have been drawn into the trinity. This is where we belong. It’s our inheritance. You are loved because you are you – not as a result of what you do.


Jill was neither lazy nor busy. Yet everyday she multiplied life in what she did. Jesus would have called this multiplying spirit and life. This multiplies the Kingdom Jesus began. Busyness for its own sake does not. Jesus has made you one with Himself and one with God. You belong to the family of the trinity and always will. Nothing can take this away from you. In company with Father you are revealed as a son/daughter in spirit and truth. In His love and nurture you become who you are and release life and spirit according to your design. Life that flows from sons and daughters is spirit and life.

After heavy rain rivers can fill with ‘dead water’ that kills fish. This is the kind of water released by workers and slaves. The effect of their actions dissipates spirit and life. Far from promoting the Kingdom they inhibit the new creation with their manic activity. Jill spent her life doing what was fruitful, only ever doing what Jesus meant for her to be doing, and participating with Jesus in multiplying the Kingdom of life, spirit and the new creation. She did not allow herself to be distracted by Christian workaholics or those who fuss about in performance as their religion.

Jill accepted herself because she was. No earning love and respect with Jill. To her mind she had that in God. She knew she was worthy because she was. She was content, satisfied and confident in simply being herself. This was not chance. Neither was it a subtle form of pride. She lived in what she had been given: Fellowship with Jesus, union with Father and the anointing of Holy Spirit. Consequently all Jill did multiplied spirit and life.

Jill lives as a daughter of God. Not as a worker of religion or a slave of some version of the law. She lives in her inheritance which is not only Christ in Jill but Christ as Jill. Christ needs to be our life to set us free from all artifice, all that weighs us down and all that is not our real selves. In I AM you are always WHO YOU ARE, always loved and always rejoiced over on account of
your being you!


This morning I found this quote on Facebook by Bill Johnson. "Busyness is artificial significance." In Jesus you will have much more than a Sabbath Day. You have a Sabbath life. Jesus is our rest, our peace and the living way in which we see our real self as in a mirror.
Yesterday on Facebook I found this by Francois Du Toit. ‘
Nothing resembles your previous identity as Jew or Gentile, bond or free, male or female, Billabong or Gucci. Now you are all defined in oneness with Christ! He makes your life significant and beautiful!’ Galatians 3:28 Mirror Bible.