Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In recent posts I have touched on the nature of ourselves as the Body of Christ. This is a spiritual and not a notional ‘Body.’ The Body is the community of ourselves as individuals joined to Christ. Joined not by self-effort, since this cannot be accomplished. But joined by the atonement accomplished by Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


‘For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility Eph 2.14 NIV. The reconciliation of humanity cited here is the result of the at-one-ment of God. It is comprehensive, dissolving all forms of self-hatred, hostility to each other and antipathy towards God. Simply put we belong and we are included in the Family of God.

In every way Jesus has made the two one. We participate in this oneness if we believe it. If our mindset is the mind of Christ and we agree with God that we are unconditionally one with God we are one in spirit and in truth.

Jesus spoke of this soon to be achieved union in His passionate pre-cross prayer in which He anticipated the fruit of His sacrifice. In John seventeen Jesus speaks of the prize resulting from His atoning work. His prize and ours. The bringing into fellowship of sons and the realisation of the glory of God manifest as the sons of God. We would become one as He and Father are one. This union is not a notional union and not something that is the result of the works of the law. It is work of persons and the accomplishment of persons.

We cannot experience this union under the law. It is not ours in a law-mindset because we construct our own reality from our ideas. Here it is not ours in spirit and truth because our law-mindset separates us from the living way of spirit and life.

The good news is that we are literally joined to Father and to heaven by the body of Christ – His physical body slain for the sins of the world and His risen person as the life of the world by the Spirit. We are joined by His slain physical body and joined by His living, life-giving Spirit. But that which can separate and bind us is a mind-set formed by bad doctrine.



Jesus was specific about the interweaving of our being with God and even more radical. He declared,

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Realise this and live it. It’s the difference between Christ our life and Christianity as a life.

Our inheritance is not a notional union. It has nothing to do with the law and cannot be realised through the law. Remain attached to the law and the law will actually block our union, insulate us from Father, from ourselves and other Believers. Thus a ‘letter’ version of the Body of Christ is an impossibility and a nonsense. In the law we are not joined to Christ, which means that we are not joined to ourselves or other Believers. We are not genuine sons but notional ones that Paul calls slaves and workers.


But we are sons – but our separationist mindset and old covenant attachment to Adam’s separated way - negates our experience of the new and living way of being one with God and a perfect expression of ourselves.

We need the mind of Christ which is the mind-set of the trinity to be one with God, one with ourselves and one with each other. There is no genuine experience of the Body in old covenant separation. Neither is there a genuine experience of the spirit of sonship living in the separated state of the old covenant. Correct belief and accurate understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom is required so that the reality of our inheritance can find a landing place in our being and take root in our person and community.


Satan knows that if he can persuade us that we are The Body when we are actually the body of death, he has undermined the basis of the Kingdom. False Christs and false gospels go together. They deny us the reality of intimacy with God and leave us with illusions.

If you are intent and satisfied with your own private gospel, wedded to the misunderstandings of your fathers and comfortable about walking around in circles like you have been for the last 20 years, you are not likely to embrace the fact that the elephant in the room is the religion that you cling to like a mollusc. In this state we interpret every piece of revelation and truth that comes to us in terms of the fables in which we have lived since birth. But if you really are intent on following the Christ of God there is a new and living way that leads to infinite life.


The gift of discernment, the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, flesh from spirit and life from death is a function of our union with God. This is to say a function not of is known about it but living in it because we have embraced the free gift. What makes a blind leader of the blind? Answer: A blind man in a roomful of deaf people.

As Karl Baath points out, there are ways that appear right to us that are not the ways of God. He rightly discerns that the nature of the Kingdom is
not obvious. Many of the common myths must be over-turned because they are actually opposed to the counter-intuitive grace of God and His Spirit manifest in our flesh. As Kriston Couchey says – you can’t be a son in spirit and in truth, if because of the law you are a worker and a slave. A law mind-set suffocates sonship and community among the saints.

We are not members of the Body because we are Christians. We are members because we have believed and embraced ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.’



Video about the living way to embrace the
Glory of Father and the Sons of God.