His life as your life


‘Grace’ disconnected from the new covenant is a very limited ‘grace.’ Grace is Jesus Christ and grace is God’s reality embracing you. Far more than a judicial position, grace is incarnational and ontological which is to say that it is about persons, about being and about foundational reality.

Grace active is the drawing of all of us into the life and fellowship of God. Grace is the continuation of the big idea that is to create sons and daughters to enjoy the life and fellowship of God. But more than this - since grace was the Christ manifest as Jesus, grace is also Jesus manifest as you.


The beauty of life in Jesus is that it is LIFE WE RECEIVE – not a regimen of activity or a list of must do’s. We receive grace to love ourselves and celebrate the difference of others. More to the point we begin to be tutored by Jesus in the real nature of Himself and the true depiction of God. Not only this, but we receive revelation about the real gospel of the Kingdom and begin to be liberated from lies and distortions that have promoted themselves as sound doctrine. But wait. There’s more.


We know that in Christ we are not under the Law, and are therefore free from all threats of condemnation should we transgress one of its many commandments.  Its curses are nullified and therefore not a threat.  How then does grace empower us to live out truly Godly lives if it comes with no threat of condemnation or judgment attached? 

How does grace motivate us to abstain from evil without threatening us with punishment? According to Paul, grace accomplishes this simply by virtue of the fact that it appears .  Now, on a surface level, that sounds neither deep, nor revelatory, and certainly not revolutionary.  Upon closer examination, however, a beautiful picture begins to emerge.  The word translated into English as appeared is the Greek word epiphaino, which Strong’s defines as meaning “ to shine upon…become visible or known
” (1)


Grace appears as the person of Jesus Christ. This grace appears in you as Christ in you. This grace is you. Christ is so interwoven into your being that Christ, Holy Spirit and Father ARE YOUR LIFE. Grace is known as Christ in you and more. Christ as you. You are the expression of Jesus. God’s grace and life are becoming known in you.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


Some Believers live acid lives as control-mongers and Criticizers. In doing so they think they are doing the Lord’s work. They are representing God as they perceive him. Others live in a form of godliness composed of their own works. But these works have little to do with their heart and nothing to do with our inheritance of life in the Spirit of Jesus. Others possess a gloss of grace and a genuine modicum of kindness. But they are bereft of spirit and life and blind in the area of spiritual discernment. They are good people. Just not alive. Even when they talk of the Spirit they live in the letter since that is what they are – a rational-legal representation of a human being - but not a son of God in spirit and in truth.


Any association or attachment to the law makes us spiritually ill.

Anytime we bring ourselves beneath a ministry … with its misrepresentations of God, we will contract some sort of spiritual sickness.  This sickness, however, will typically manifest itself through a fever of some form or another.  On the outside, one burning with this fever will often be mistaken as “being on fire for God”, but inwardly they are dying and gasping for breath. 

What looks like fervent devotion to the external observer can actually be the very thing keeping the believer from serving God in the manner that He desires and it’s not stressed out, insanity inducing devotion that God desires, but simple rest and trust in His love and the efficacy of His finished work
.” (2)

Distorted gospels and mistaken identities debilitate our effectiveness as vessels as we release muddy water and toxic attitudes that misrepresent God and deform our lives. Nevertheless the system must be upheld so we choose persons to assist us who are clones of ourselves and our ‘other gospel.’ We develop a system and culture fed by nepotism and cronyism that hinders the advance of the Kingdom and fortunately contains the seeds of its own demise. The death of the self provides the opportunity of the rebirth of the real you and the real church.

New covenant life and authority comes from Holy Spirit within. It’s a function of our new covenant union with God. It’s not opposed to scriptural and church authority. But it is a life an authority and a creativity that old covenant inmates do not have. When the engine is the Spirit of Christ in you - your incarnational reality you get very solid and creative people. Creative people who are ever fresh with God’s spirit and life.

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