His life as your life



The gospel of Jesus, John and Paul is far superior to ‘I hope I make it gospels.’ The real gospel has never been a gospel of ‘yes and no’.

It’s a gospel of truth and certainty far removed from the tendentious ‘gospels’ polluted by the sludge of revisionism. Jesus has received you into His life as you are. Of course you will not stay that way. You will increasingly look like a son instead of a worker.


The gospel is much more than dichotomies of sin versus righteousness. Righteousness is a function of life and alive is who we are when Christ is our life. But it’s not just un-dead life. As the transfiguration of Christ we are spirit and life. Did you know that we can be a missionary and still be a dead person walking? We can. If we are dragging about bits of law like pieces of offal. We are alive when we are in our inheritance – which means we are manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The real gospel is way above mixed gospels of law and Jesus. It is undiluted spirit and life. It is Christ come in your flesh. We have entered our glory because in the Spirit of Jesus we have become sons in spirit and in truth.


There is no sonship in externalities. God intentions, yes, and drops of water also. But with Christ as our life there are rivers of living water and unlimited emanations of the Spirit of Sonship.

“Jesus Christ is the chosen one, the one man of weightiness and significance in the whole scheme of things. He is the secret. His coming and work is the only thing that counts. We are included in Him and His work. Jesus Christ is our humiliation and our exaltation into glory and life.

This is what short-circuited Paul’s Pharisaical mind and then became his greatest joy and liberation. The Father designated Jesus Christ to be our saviour, our foothold, our acceptance. And that is who Jesus Christ is, now and forever—our saviour, our foothold, our acceptance. It has happened.” (1)


The truth of Christ your life will short-circuit your legalistic mind and all of our religious minds if we simply agree that we have been received into His life. The reciprocity of Jesus is that He and the trinity have been received into us. As we take on their nature we grow into our glory as sons of God. We become life itself – sons of God in whom is His spirit and life.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. God Is For Us. Kindle Edition, loc 250.

(2) Christ come in your flesh.