His life as your life


Wholeness, holiness and genuine life is ours because Christ is our life. We are holy as God is holy and in this life when we believe we are – when we believe by faith that we are the expression of Christ. Christ is our life whether we believe it or not. We access this spirit and life and are part of it when we agree with Christ that we have been drawn into the reality of God’s life.


The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV. Here Jesus defined the difference between the Kingdom of religion and the Kingdom of God. In one we remain in Adam/Moses attempting to be alive and share life in religion, but without effect. In the other Christ is our life and we are joined in Him to the trinity from which flows a stream life from the hub of the universe.

New Testament life is not an alteration to the old testament. It’s a totally new and living way in which God enters our life and we enter into God. This is achieved entirely by God and is an accomplished fact. Thomas Torrance spoke of this in ontological* terms as a state of being in which God as a real person entered our life as Jesus Christ and joined us to the
real being of God in the fellowship of the trinity.

‘In Adam all die, But in Christ all are made alive.’ Jesus has positioned us in Himself and as such placed us with Him in fellowship with the Holy Family. In Jesus you are in God and God is in you. In Jesus the fall has been undone and the Kingdom of Heaven grows in you where you are in this life. The culmination of the Kingdom of God at the Second Coming is the endorsement of the cumulative effect of Christ in you and Christ in us all - the new creation.

With Christ as our life we have what Jesus had – union with God. With Christ as our life we are in the Spirit and the Spirit is in us. Adam has been undone and the last Adam has been installed at the right hand of God. What remains is for Jesus the son of God to be installed in our hearts – simply by belief.

Jesus gives the clue to unlimited life when he urges before His return to heaven, ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Jesus has wanted all to know this since His ascension. He wants you to know this now – and start to live it because it is the difference between a life in God and a life in religion.

God lodges in our being through Jesus and the Holy Spirit who is with us always. We receive Him by agreeing that it is He who is our life. This enables us to dispense with the lifeless flotsam of religion – flotsam and debris that some of us have made a god out of. Nevertheless God attaches Himself to us regardless of our knowledge of the truth and irrespective of our attachment to poor teaching and doctrines that originated with devils. That’s His grace and His passion to draw us into the fullness of our life in Him. For example,

God picks Moses a murderer to be a deliverer of His people from Egypt. Moses by all standards was not qualified, he was a murderer on the run from Egypt, married to a gentile, not eloquent in speech but God chose him. Israel deliverance from Egypt was not because they were righteous, two months out of the land of Egypt they curved an idol and worshiped it. This is what they used to do in Egypt. They were delivered because of Abraham's covenant with God, and that's how we also today are saved through Christ's covenant with God.” (1)

The vicarious humanity of Christ means that Jesus represents you in every possible way. Being diligent in securing your own salvation means living from this fact rather than being seduced into false gospels and partisan theologies touting themselves as ‘ways.’ These way are always an addition to the limitless truth that Christ is our life – totally.

People may assert that there is a special life ‘tonic’ in the gift of tongues and the keeping of Sabbaths. Deep, infinite and everlasting life comes from Christ in you; from that fact that you and Father are one. From your agreeing with God that you are already positioned in fellowship with the trinity. This is the ground of our being as sons. Without this the anointing fades and sonship is not realised in spirit and in truth.

There is no life in bits and pieces of religion. There is life without limit in the person of Christ alive in you. It is this incarnated life that imparts spirit and life to our life together and to our efforts to make the world a better place. Our union with God is the ground of the Kingdom and the soil from which the Spirit without limit takes root to manifest as trees of life. In the new covenant you are light and you are a tree of life. Because Christ by the Spirit is you.

The lie of the Enemy has always been that you need some addition to who you already are in God. This is the original lie and it’s the life of the anti-christ spirit today.

Theologically, the demand for “circumcision” can take many forms, even today. It appears whenever one thinks along these lines: “Faith in Christ is fine as far as it goes, but your relation to God is not really right and your salvation not adequate unless…” It does not matter how the sentence is completed. Whenever such fine print is introduced to qualify trust/faith, there is “circumcision,” and Paul’s defence of the adequacy of trust/faith can come into its own again. The Galatian situation is never far; in fact, it is all too familiar.” 

Beware of health supplements that are embedded in beliefs but are really no more than snake oil. You are saved and secured into companionship with God by the new covenant which is Christ in you and with you. This covenant is not a formula. It’s Him. The new covenant is nowhere listed since is it not an agenda
but a life. Christ in you. God’s life as your life. Paul summarises this in Galatians 2.20-21. If you have lived in the old covenant all your life you might do yourself a favour and find out exactly what the new covenant is. Because it’s not religion. But it is incarnation. It’s the difference between ourselves in Adam and ourselves in Christ.

Ontology and being may be thought of as real persons and real being and real impact on our lives as God entering human life in the incarnation and in our personal life as Christ in us. It needs to be thought of in contrast to fundamentalist formulations of the letter that rely on legalisms, proof texts and an epistemological basis the knowledge of good and evil. Torrance’s ontology is the product of the new covenant.

(1) Odhiambo, Bonface. A book titled, "IN THE EYES OF GRACE": Unveiling Truth as God sees . Unknown. Kindle Edition.