His life as your life


How do we know what we know? Descartes asserted that we know by thinking: “I think therefor I am.’ Paul asserted that we know truth when our being is in God. Jesus declared that He is ‘knowing and that light and life are known when He is life, our way and our truth. The knowing of reality is found in union with Jesus. Not in knowledge about Jesus. This is because genuine knowing is an attribute of being in God. Not being in the knowledge of good and evil.

That which we say is not true because we have cited a string of scriptures. It is true because we and Father are one. Your job is less to give a dissertation on a topic and more to release spirit and life on that occasion.

‘The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.


We can live a life in Christianity. We will have a degree of fellowship with God but not the same kind of companionship that is enjoyed by those for whom they and Father are one. We can live from a Belief System and have an intellectualised association with heaven. We can also live from union – which is to live from our inheritance. This inheritance is that the fellowship Jesus has with the Father and Holy Spirit is your fellowship. This is a different relationship to God, a different reality to the kind of relationship that one for whom Christ is life lives. These people are one with God, themselves and the cosmos. We can attach ourselves to a belief system and see this as a relationship with God. It can be but it is an insulated relationship – a bit like having sex clad in an overcoat or two or three. We can live an intellectualised Christian life, take a stand on certain issues and do some good. Then pass to our grave having never lived in our inheritance of an experienced ‘I am in you and you are in me.’


A subdued, anesthetised and insulated relationship with God is most often the result of conditioning in the law and old covenant separationist assumptions. The law and a connection to it forms a mindset that is religious yet anti-spiritual and ultimately anti-human – a form of godliness that denies its spirit and life.

Our mind-set determines how we see the world and how we see ourselves. On the deep level this is called epistemology - our concepts of what we understand as knowledge. What we have construed as ‘knowing’ shapes what we think is real. The person shaped by the law thinks religion is real. She cannot escape the letter no matter how much she promotes the spirit. The new covenant person is a life-giving spirit because he lives in the spirit of Christ. Christ is him. The law-shaped person thinks his religious life is real when it is but a shadow. The Jesus born person knows that His life is real because he lives in reality. The reality is Christ. But not Christ as a minister of religion or custodian of a belief system. It is Christ as you.

We can think ourselves into un-life or think ourselves into life to the full.

That which is real to us determines how we will manifest. Shaped by the law we will manifest religion and be convinced that this is the godly life. In Christ we are not just shaped by Him. We are the expression of Him. Our inheritance is that in this age we can be the manifestation of the trinity. We are this in potential. We actualize this when we believe it and step into it.