His life as your life


It may well be that we need to face the fact that we have not been born again. We are not actually born again until we have abandoned religion in exchange for Christ as our life. Once we become exasperated with religion and shout out our frustration to Jesus we are in a good place. He calmly replies, ‘Good work Joe. Now I can do something with you.’


The new birth is not the end of a secular life and the start of a religious life. It’s the end of religion and the start of Christ’s life as ours. But we will not realise this at first - especially if we have been raised in the old covenant and the law. Here we will have been accustomed to thinking this contractual relationship of ours is godly and with substance. Actually it’s something and nothing and shows when we attempt to minister from our old covenant mindset. Charged with information and scripture references it may be, but overflowing with spirit and life it is not. It’s only partially a message from God and not a message of life from the real you – because you are not very much alive as a son.

The tragedy of some who have lived in ‘another gospel’ is that they come to the end of their lives in the body, having ‘gone into bat’ for a perversion of the truth. They have fought valiantly for that which they have been brain-washed in the name of ‘the truth.’ But because their relationship with Jesus was insulated by misapprehension and lies they never grew in their potential as sons. They never got to be their real selves.

The sincere un-reborn Christian stands on the edge of an escarpment, which is the edge of the plateau of all that He or she has been taught is the essence of the Christian life. But the Christian life is not a religion and never was. It is Christ’s life as yours; the incarnation as God manifest as you and as us all. This is life in the Spirit – the most substantial life of all.


We are not sons in spirit and in truth as our old Adamic self. But we are with bells on when Christ is our life – which is to say we are sons in spirit and in truth because Jesus manifests as us. But this does not become ours until we jump off the cliff of received religion and plunge into the infinity that is Christ in us.

Richard Rohr observes, “
The True Self will surely have doubts about the unknown too. But as such, the True Self is not afraid of death. It has been there and back. The Risen Christ in you always knows that it will never lose anything real by dying, But you will not know that until you walk the whole gauntlet sincerely at least once. In my book Falling Upward, I called it "necessary suffering," that is, the necessary suffering of walking the full human path. That is what Jesus did and why we try to "reproduce the pattern of his death," each in our own way, so that we also can take our place in the "force field" of resurrection(Philippians 2:11-12).” (1)

(1) Richard Rohr in The Immortal Diamond.