His life as your life



‘Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, for he chose us in advance, and he makes everything work out according to his plan’ Eph 1.11 NIV.

This plan is to remove all from the constrictions of the law and the tree and baptise us into the limitless possibilities of our union with Him.

Grace is not an excuse to believe anything we like. Neither is it an excuse to be a tare or flounder in ‘another gospel’. Grace is a door of opportunity to advance into the amazing truth and fullness of who we are in Christ. We can live a kind of Christian life in a shell of our assumptions. Or because we follow where Jesus leads we can enjoy the adventure of continual revelation and growth.


Henri Nouwen writes of a surprising way to achieve openness to who God is and what God has done for us and who we are as a result. He speaks of an avenue that may not appear to us if our conception of godliness is something like being a ‘church-goer.’ In the Old Testament David was fruitful as a leader because he encountered God where he was when he was out in the paddocks with the sheep. He hungered for God. For David God was not an addition or a compartmentalised entity. He was David’s life. David’s life had serious anomalies. Yet God regarded him well because David’s heart was with God.

David did not and could not have had the kind of intimate union with God that any of us can have today. There had been no cross, no resurrection and no way to the our Father in the person of the Christ. Today we and Father are one. This is the light of the new testament age. We cannot be separated from God by our sins – unless we believe a lie.

Jesus has saved us from our sins and wants us to realize ‘that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. The core of your life in God is neither the law or your success in living a perfect life. The bottom line for you and for us all is that Christ’s life is your life.


Charles Ringma writes, “We are often afraid to he alone. Afraid of what we may discover about ourselves when we stop long enough to he still. Afraid of the insecurities and sins that still lurk within us even though we have tried so hard to sublimate them. Afraid to face our insignificance, lack of fulfillment, and the eventuality of our death. And afraid to face the lack of closure and resolution of issues that we have tried so hard to square away.

Yet we need to be alone. For we need to rediscover ourselves as much as we need to bask in the searchlight light of God's love and light-to face our pain and lack of resolution with new hope and faith. In learning to be alone and still, we make a way to meet God with openness and honesty. It is there we can rediscover that we cannot blame others or live in unreality.

Nouwen speaks of the importance of experiencing a loneliness "that cannot be removed by any other sinful human being." For it is not to others that we should first of all turn; instead, we should create the necessary space to meet with God Himself
.” (1)

It's hard to create this space if we have two masters.

The space to meet with God Himself is you – in your heart. God is not somewhere else. Since the cross the trinity lives in you. You have the ministry of the God-head in you. This is where you are nurtured into maturing sonship – in the most holy place of God in your heart and with those for whom Christ is life. People who live in externalities are neither one with God or themselves. They can manufacture ‘product’ to fill a religious space.

But they cannot minister spirit and life – only information. It’s easy enough to offer a piece of the knowledge of good and evil for an occasion. But easier still to be one with Father, be life yourself and offer people spirit and life because you are spirit and life. This life is ours when we are followers with an undivided heart.

(1) Charles Ringma. Dare to Journey--with Henri Nouwen (Designed for Influence) (Kindle Locations 57-63). Kindle Edition.