His life as your life


If we are unfortunate we will live in our false self, most of our lives. If we are even more handicapped because we live in a bent, law perverted Christianity, we may never realise we are a false self and hence never escape ourselves. We will be encased in usages that have scant life and obsessed with icons than deny life instead of enhancing it. Unfortunately, in this situation we can have a band of followers even though we are not spiritual leaders.

The law is skilled at ruining the genuine self. It will produce in us pieties instead of Godliness and religion instead of the spirit of sonship. The false self is bereft of spirit and life. The real self is spirit and life in person.

The false self-excels in erecting fictions like barriers to protect itself from the attack of the real self who is eager to breathe life into what is really a dead corpse – a zombie like figure of the kind produce by what Paul called, ‘this body of death.’

Of course we are already set free from it. All that remains is for us to live in the freedom of our real self – a life that is Christ and never Christianity. This is a life that signals our birth from old Adam into new Jesus and a new us: The beginning of our growth in the spirit of sonship. Richard Rohr cites a story of mistaken identity, “She has suffered from a massive case of mistaken identity all of her life, just as we all do, but hers was bolstered by a strong “Christian” False Self. Religion can significantly delay the emergence of our True Self. Particularly if it is a false gospel. I have been a priest for forty-two years and can say that from solid experience.” (1)

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.