His life as your life


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A saint is not some effete and pious freak. A saint is a robust person living out their life in Christ.


There’s much joy in being yourself instead of being some other person’s version of what they think should be you. The latter pressure can come from manipulative people who are quite often control-freaks and micro-managers. Or the malign influence can come from those who have lived all their life in Christianity but who have never lived in new covenant union with God – in other words never lived in the Spirit of sonship or in the inheritance that is there’s with Christ as their life.


Let’s be clear. All religion that is an expression of the knowledge of good and evil is ungodly and degrading. Let’s be certain. A law-based portrayal of life and righteousness is pathetic.

Most of us have spent a lot of time living in a mistaken view of what we think we should be – because we did not know that God’s intention has always been for us to be who He made us to be – not some rendition of mum and dad’s version of being a person and certainly not an image of those who would have been just as happy born as a horses and sheep or as those blinkered souls whose Christianity has always been some form of performance addiction. We had a drought horse name Bessie who pulled the orange cart in the orchard. I always think of performance addicts as a Bessie. A good horse but not quite a human being.

What did God intend us to be? Answer: An expression of Himself.

That we are actually sons of God, created to be ‘lesser gods’ lies unknown to many. If others have not been successful in persuading us that we are ‘not enough’ we have persisted in telling ourselves that we are not enough and creating false christs for ourselves in whose presence, we are never good enough and never successful in allowing Him to be a good Christ for ourselves. Liberty comes to all who can abandon their addiction to their own ideas in exchange for the mind of Christ and His Gospel.


Should we be captured in religion we can easily become an apparition of our true selves. Holiness to some is an effete and contrived abstraction unrelated to Godliness but addicted to a misguided form of it. C S Lewis wrote a book entitled, ‘Till We Have Faces.’ It’s on the theme of the insubstantiality of the self disconnected from God and without the union with that is already ours – the union that would make us significant human beings and robust sons of God.

Sadly in living in religion as ghosts we can put living people off the Christ of God who was not only God among us but the Real Human Being come to show us the way to be real. Of course we can make Him a figure of little human effect should we neo-Platonise Him and turn Him into a caponised God and scarcely human being.

Then there is us who are frequently down on ourselves and wracked at times by the belief that ‘we are not enough.’ But everyone is enough in Jesus. It’s with Him as our life that we are graced with multiple opportunities to be who we are and find comfort in the fact that we are loved, cherished and appreciated for who we are by the most Important and Humble Person in the universe.

“We rest in the finished work of Christ. There is no life outside of His rest. Though we try to build up our own lives on our own foundations, Christ remains the only true foundation. Which is also certainly not to say that we don’t do anything! Rest is not permission to be lazy. We don’t sit on the couch all day without cause or purpose—that’s depressing! Rest means that we are never alone. Rest means we build on Christ, not on self. We work with Him by our side in all that we do. We live our lives joyously knowing that everything is held in Him, and is therefore perfected in Him. He is the all in all. We dive headlong into His endless ocean of abundant life. We earn nothing, finding life in everything. We are in Him, in an inseparable union with Christ Jesus the eternal God-man. Rest is found in Him.” (1)

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 91-94). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.