His life as your life


“Spiritual satisfactions feed on themselves, grow by themselves, create wholeness, and are finally their own reward. Material satisfactions, while surely not bad, have a tendency to become addictive, because instead of making you whole, they repeatedly remind you of how incomplete, needy, and empty you are.” (1)

When I was young I picked up the notion that if one were too spiritual then one might not be fully human. This was a worry for a hot blooded youth. A lot of religion is based on this folly. I mean the supposition that one is more holy when separated from the self. Much later in life a friend mentioned an excellent book title that advertised the truth of what spirituality really is. It was called ‘For God’s Sake be Human.’


John the apostle put things right when he urged that real Godliness is
Christ come in our flesh, which is to say Christ manifest as you. But not as the religious you. As the you, you.

Religion and the practise of it – religiosity will make us less human and less Godly. Religious people are not deeply spiritual. Yet this can be a benefit in that if you have any sensitivity at all, you will find that instead of making you whole, religion will reveal ‘how incomplete, needy and empty you are’.

When we come to this realisation Jesus can do something with us.


Theologians who have demonstrated that a life in God as a genuine son is much simpler and more effective than we have imagined have done the church of God a great service. I’m referring to the growing body of truth that is teaching that the incarnation is the meaning and purpose of our post cross life. Rather than collecting in monasteries or hibernating in churches the Christ in us is to be manifest as our living and doing in every aspect of our existence. Thus our daily life becomes more than an ‘existence’ but a celebration of God manifesting in us as the sons and daughters of God.

Our life can be a coma or a daily adventure in company with God and the communion of the trinity with you and in you.

Many of the dullards crouching in their rheumy churches could become new people of they knew that God was more with them and in them when fishing for a trout or surfing a wave than in themselves involved in some rite or ecclesiastic motion.


The truth is that we are not whole or holy if we are not our real self. We owe it to ourselves to be the expression of the Christ so that we are who we are and not a masked self and a pseudo-self. Not an un-self because we have attempted to build a self in the ways of the world or in the shibboleths of religion. But because we have a real relationship with Christ who is
removing our veils.

There’s a difference between pride, God’s glory and yours. His glory is not about brightness or the capacity to zap people. His glory is to be Himself. So is yours. In Jesus and in fellowship with Father your glory as the person you were created and redeemed to be will be revealed. You find the I AM of you in the I AM of God.

There is no religion in the Kingdom of God. Just you incarnated with the trinity passing on their incarnated spirit and life that becomes you in the various situations and departments of being that are your life as a person who is human. Human because the son of God is human and alive and active and expressing Himself as you.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (pp. 87-88). SPCK. Kindle Edition.