His life as your life


As wonderful as they are, miracles and healings are not the entire picture. Every time Jesus healed, He was demonstrating His power to heal our broken relationship with God. Jesus often declared, ‘Your sins are forgiven’ in the very act of healing people – demonstrating that these healings of eyes and limbs were advertisements for the greater healing: The union with God effected by our being drawn into Jesus’ life.


People can get healed limbs, yet remain unhealed in their being. Why? Because they believe as ‘Believers’ that their natural state entails separation from God. Their life-work and the work of religion, is to undo the separation between themselves and God. This is a great futility because the harvest of the cross is our union with God. Let’s be clear. So many people are striving to achieve what they already possess. As a Believer you and Father are one. This is the ultimate healing and the reality to which healed eyes and limbs point. The implication is that we are living in the new covenant and not stranded in the Adamic separation mindset of the old covenant.


To enter our belonging we enter through the cross bringing ourselves and our beliefs to Jesus and receiving his life and His beliefs about Himself and about us. If we refuse to do this we, we remain addicted to our beliefs and in some cases we remain unborn into the Kingdom because we have aligned ourselves with Adam instead of with Jesus. As a Believer it is possible to live on the wrong side of the cross. One can assign oneself to the Body of Christ without belonging to this Body in spirit and in truth, just as one can have a marriage that lacks any real substance and blending of being. Richard Rohr observes,

In religion .. many prefer magical, external, one-time transactions instead of the universal pattern of growth and healing through loss and renewal. This universal pattern is the way that life perpetuates itself in ever-new forms—ironically, through various kinds of death. This pattern disappoints and scares most of us, but less so biologists and physicists; they seem to understand the pattern better than many clergy, who think death and resurrection is just a doctrinal statement about Jesus.” (1)

We can see that new birth is a process. It’s developmental.


We have been made one with God in the person of the Son of God who is a human being. We are in Him and He is in us. In Christ we are woven into God and God into us. This has nothing to do with the law which is a red herring. The obsession with sin management is the a misreading of the gospel of the Kingdom – which is Christ you life – which means the progressive growth of you as a son/daughter of God. God has dealt with you sin problem in Christ so that you are free to come into your glory as a son of God.

Our belonging in Jesus is not just a doctrinal statement about Jesus and us. It’s a state of being that grows through many deaths and rebirths that describe our progress from glory to glory in companionship with God. This is lived sonship. Christ our life is the hope and the reality of our glory – a life in which we progress in dying to Adam and being alive to Christ as our life. This is the incremental possession of our bodies by the living Christ and the indwelling trinity: ‘Christ come in the flesh’.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 93). SPCK. Kindle Edition.