His life as your life


A commitment to follow Jesus where ever He leads always provides a more generous view of God than a self-rationalised fictitious following. It reveals God as the surpassingly wonderful Person He is. It undoes austerity versions of the gospel and seduces us into a greater flourishing in His loving Grace – which is actually Himself and our fellowship with God in the Family of the trinity.

Being carried along in the river of God’s grace is being swept along in the reality that is ‘Christ our life.’ It washes us clean of the heresies of legalism and other gospels. ‘In Christ veils are removed.’ God is revealed as who God is and so are you – and in a good way. You become sons in spirit in truth instead of children of religiosity.

His gospel of the kingdom is distinguished from false gospels and other gospels. Anti-christ is revealed as he is – bad ideas hiding in plain sight. Commenting on one of these heresies Jeff Turner writes,

The “wrath” and the “punishment” are not the results of God pressing some big, red wrath button in the heavens, but are things inherent in the choices that we make when living lives that are in disharmony with His nature. Regarding the Romans 1: 18 brand of “wrath”, Paul said that people, “… received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” (Romans 1: 27), which is to say that the “penalty” is contained within the choice to live in a disharmonious way. The action itself becomes its own punishment. God is not actively tormenting anyone, it is the choice of the individual that becomes the penalty. The wrath that “remains” on the one who rejects Christ’s offer of eternal life is, I believe, precisely that. They will continue to live a life in disharmony with the Spirit, and continue to reap the consequences of such a life, but it is not that God is angrily sending calamities and misfortune their way, and it most certainly isn’t that God is angry at them simply for being born with an evil nature.”
― Jeff Turner, Saints in the Arms of a Happy God.

Everything is inherent in the choices that we make. The world is entering increasing chaos because of bad choices people have made. When as Christians we accommodate ourselves to bad doctrine because we can or because we need to prop up an identity that we think we have in a community of belief, or when we refuse to follow the Light because we are stubbornly addicted to our own ideas – we bring on ourselves our own punishment: A lesser life resulting from a lesser gospel and eventually great blindness. This is why Paul writes, ‘As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God's curse!’
Gal 1.9 NIV. This not God dumping bad vibes on people. It’s people detaching themselves from spirit and life because of the choice they make – the choice to find comfort in serial rationalisations of heresy and attaching themselves to their own narrative rather than the apostles doctrine.