His life as your life


The Kingdom Jesus began is neither a religion or a belief system. It is Jesus multiplied as people – first as the church and then society. Until we recognise this basic fact we will run revivals and conferences with little real effect.

The incarnation is the engine of the Kingdom of God – not the law, not the gifts, not one two moral; issues and a convenient blindness to the rest. And not some agenda for Israel.

The hope for human kind and the beginning of the end of the current social chaos and destruction of the planet is Christ our life. It is Jesus multiplied in individuals, church , society and nations. Jesus lives to heal the earth by healing Bob and Joan as examples of healing power and extending this healing out to everything that we call our world.

Recently this message appeared on Facebook.

If you have been born of the incorruptible seed of Christ and have been joined to Him and are One Spirit with Him, you cannot get any closer to Him then what you are. You are partaking of the very nature and being of the Godhead. What you can do is silence the voice of religious lies that says you have to do something more to be closer to God and trust Him when He says that what is finished is true and He will never leave or forsake you.” Kriston Couchey.

All you have to do is step into what you already have. Repent of the lie of separationism and enlarge your world with your union with God that is already your ‘now’ possession.