His life as your life


The Lord’s Table is not an occasion of grieving about the cross. It is actually a celebration about living in the meaning of the cross – Christ’s life as our life.

Just as food becomes us, so Christ becomes who we are. The Christian Gospel is better than many of us think. It really is the good news and not the bad news described as the good news.

What does it mean to ‘
seize your salvation.’ It is similar to seizing the day. It means grabbing that which sounds counter-intuitive as your life and living in it.

His burden is light and it is simple. It’s not a program. It’s a Him.

The Christian message is not “repent or perish”. Our message is that Jesus Christ has both repented and perished in our place! The Gospel supplies us with a finished work, presenting to us a completed covenant to partake of. That is really all we do. We take part in the covenant through union with Christ. We take the cup, and we eat the bread, joining Christ in His Being, thereby joining Him as He is at the right hand of His Father, now also our Father, in heavenly places. The covenant meal is not ours to prepare! Jesus hands it to us freely. Our only response is to eat and drink the body and blood of Jesus Christ.’

Junk food is the equivalent of living from religion. Jesus said, ‘Those who eat me will live because of me.’ It follows that those who eat substitutes for Him will fade away in mal-nourishment. Eat Jesus and we will become sons of God in spirit and in truth. We are who we eat.

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