His life as your life


There’s a reason why we should follow Christ all the way, instead of up to the fence line of our already held beliefs. It leads to limitless life.

We have a rich inheritance in God that comes to us through Jesus Christ. We possesses and utilise more of this inheritance when we eat more of the various dishes that make up the banquet that is the Lord’s Table. This banquet is generous and sumptuous. Nevertheless we can make do with a parsimonious meal by envisaging a table through veils of niggardliness. But in Christ such veils are removed.


In the law we live in a separation mindset that separates us from God even when we are joined - because we create our reality out of our beliefs. Separated we must find our own way to God. The Greeks attempted it through the head, legalists attempt it through the law and many Believers through themselves.

But the REALITY established by God is that Christ is our life. He is our vicarious humanity and His relationship with God is our relationship with God.


We can love Jesus without experiencing much of the union with God that is ours in Him. We can insulate ourselves from oneness by substituting religious ‘other things’ that do not unite, have no power to make us one with God and which are a relic of pre-cross ‘being’. We can be part of the Body of Christ while living substantially enclosed in the body of death. The result is that we are contained in an illusion as slaves and workers when we are in reality sons of God.


‘Jesus became what we are so that we can become what He is. He has united human life, the life of God and the life of heaven and earth in Himself.’ The directness and exquisite intimacy of this union makes law-mongering a monstrosity and an abuse. In this warped mindset, we can never be ourselves. Never, because we remain separated from God and from us in the illusion of our minds. The greatest wound of separation is that you are separated from you. Here we can live in the illusion that God is ‘using us’ as we are, when in fact we are a very dim representation of who we could be as a son of God filled with Father’s spirit and life.

We are sons of God in the law but sons of the kind that are slaves and workers.


People resist God in favour of what they have always believed. Too much life; too easy, radical to be true. We can ask ourselves the question, would be reject Christ with the other because He was ‘too alive from them and their limited religious ideas.’ What does it means to crucify the son of God anew?

The carnal mind of Adam cannot cope with God becoming flesh, which is to say that Spirit of God expressed as you. It clings to self-made religious identities which suffocate the spirit of sonship and conjure up religious practices and icons that are used as a transaction to secure righteousness and belonging. But these ploys cannot produce life and restrain our growth as sons of the slave woman. Besides We already belong.


In the Last Battle a monkey dressed in Aslan’s clothes and poses for a time as Aslan. The gullible are deluded and made monkeys of. It does not end well for the monkey god.

The battle of the ages is not a great controversy between Christ and Satan. It’s more subtle than this. The battle is between the delusion of separation and the reality of your present union with God. If we have chosen a form of belief that separates us in our minds from God, the notion of being part of the Body of Christ must be seen as the vanity it is – a cloud without rain and a breeze on a humid day without air.

“They have chosen cunning instead of belief. Their prison is only in their minds, yet they are in that prison; and so afraid of being taken in that they cannot be taken out.”  C S Lewis, The Last Battle.

Notes derived from Baxster Kruger’s Patmos.