His life as your life


Easter can be a time when we awaken to God’s reality – the Reality that we are included in when Jesus is our life. Or it can be a just a holiday in which we refresh ourselves to continue walking around our Mulberry Bush.

We can live in the illusion that reality is divided into God’s realm and our realm, God’s Time and my time. This is the hallucination of the knowledge of good and evil and a religion steeped in the law.


Should we ignore the new covenant we are joined to the law whether or not we do all the laws or just one. We can access droplets of life from an old covenant positions but not rivers. We can be
sons of the slave woman in an old covenant mindset but not sons of God – we are sons and daughters relationally but not in spirit and in truth. We must make do with religious assertions instead of authenticity of being.


In the new covenant we are not morally superior to others. But we are a higher order of being, which is to say that we are actual sons of God instead of notional sons according to law and its definitions. Many are unware that they can be sons of God and even see this as a presumptuous supposition.

However God is more generous than we imagine and our status when Christ is our life is far superior to when religion is our life and we have a form of godliness without the actuality that is ours when our mind and heart know that we and our Father are one.


The life we live and the status of our being is what we believe. When Adam and Eve believed Satan the nature of their being subsided and reality changed for the worst. When Christ is our life we return to the status of sons of God in spirit and in truth. We change and we begin to change reality - becoming agents of the new creation. Religious people are not agents of the new creation. They are agents of the old.

There is an unkind statement in the Book of Revelation that the Lord, if he does not find him hot, would rather see him cold, but finding him only lukewarm, warm, he will spew him out of his mouth. What, then, will become of such a man's theology-though, perhaps, in its special bracket it was far from being the worst?” (1)

The parable of the talents is about imparting degrees of spirit and life.

Sincerity and a consistent life tied to the law is not without benefit. But grace is not a replacement of truth. It’s an opportunity to grow into truth’s fullness. We can live out our life as
a one talent person when we could have been a Ten Talent man or woman living in the complete gospel of Christ our life. We cannot ‘be hot’ as an old covenant Believer no matter how sincere or active we may be. We are hot when Jesus is us, which is more a rest than a stretch. His yoke is easy but it makes us spirit and life.

(1) Karl Barth. Evangelical Theology: An Introduction (Kindle Locations 1373-1375). Kindle Edition.