His life as your life


Don’t ever settle for an identity separate to your identity in Jesus. Or persuade yourself that you can have an identity in something else and one in Him. This will dilute His spirit and life from you because it runs counter to His command to have but one master - and it is spiritual adultery.

You have a core identity which is son/daughter of God. This is your vine (It’s Him). All your branches and fruit - every life-giving manifestation of yourself come from this core. You can’t boost this by any additions and any attempt to do so leeches your being of who you might have been.


There is nothing more personal than the trinity. The identity of your person is rooted in the
family of the trinity. We need to possess the identity we were meant to have. It’s impossible to be an authentic self when our inner person is grounded in anything that is not factually personal. The planting of the self in abstractions like the law is seed on stones and rocks. The presence of weeds and thorns crowding our soil is wrong belief and an attachment to extra-Jesus identities. Truth has power for a reason. It’s an aspect of life that separates us from death and its degrees. Genuine life is a tree that is the cross, the vine and the tree of life. As sons you are its fruit.

We are blessed if we had a good relationship with our mother and father. We will have inherited from them
the courage to be . If our parents have been sagacious with a blend of freedom and guidance offered, we will be pretty much who we are meant to be and gift ourselves to the world with genuine individuality.


Satan offered Adam and Eve an identity (a) in separation from God and (b) in situating themselves in a context of the knowledge of good and evil. But – we need to note – He did this in the illusory context of an improvement in godliness.

As a result the ground of their being became an abstraction (good and evil) instead of the person of God. They had been living in a Sabbath of intimate fellowship. Now they found themselves ejected into a realm of separation - a compartmentalised world in which they felt compelled to earn the union with God that they had once had by defining lumps or existence as either good or evil.

The good news is that since the cross Adam has been undone. We are now in Christ, should we believe. In Christ we are in God and in fellowship with the trinity. Just as Jesus and His Father were one, so we are now
one, courtesy of the atonement - which we should see as the at-one-ment of ourselves and the Holy Family. In Jesus you are at one with your Father and at one with your origins and at one with your authentic nature. One with God you are one with yourself and one with the creation because you are interwoven with the trinity who made it.


‘I care very little if I am judged by you or by any human court; indeed, I do not even judge myself’ 1 Cor 4.3 NIV.

We are implying, as we have in all these posts, that an identity sought in the knowledge of good and evil will never deliver the real you, just as a religious life grounded in the law cannot carve out for you a genuine identity as a son/daughter of God.

But you will be who you are and live increasingly to your design when Christ is your life. Here you are one with Christ and as such one with Father and Holy Spirit. You are in the hub of personhood and positioned to be nurtured and tutored as a son/daughter of God. Marinated in the spirit of sonship you are filled to overflowing with spirit and life. Because Christ is our life we are graced with His life and transformed by His indwelling.


Life in the Spirit is diametrically opposed to life in the knowledge of good and evil and the law. This is religion and the web of all that we have been delivered from since the cross. You have been delivered from abstraction, separation and stolen sonship - delivered into your inheritance of being the sons of God - not notionally as in religion and letter but in spirit and in truth.

This entails being born again. Should we have lived all our life in the old covenant mindset being born again will be a new experience and a new adventure. Re-birth is not abandoning some ‘fun sins’ we have enjoyed. Re-birth is death to all that is us and resurrection to the real and authentic us who can only be accessed when we agree that Jesus is entirely our life.

Should we have found security, a degree of status and an innocent or smug pride in beliefs we have held, communities to which have belonged or rites to which we have ascribed sacredness, being born again will require much bravery, resolve and setting our face against a former life of continual rationalisations and denials.


New birth requires humility, courage and an anticipated joy in leaving behind lesser identities to embrace our real identity in Jesus. As Charles Ringma says,

We therefore need to be, as it were, pried loose from ourselves. Nouwen, in speaking of prayer as a way to solitude, challenges us to be willing to open our tightly clenched fist and "give up lours last coin."' So often we receive nothing from our spiritual exercises because we have not created any open spaces in our lives. We are too full. We may want to receive, but we certainly do not want anything to be taken away. God can hardly fill our hands with the good things of His love and grace while our hands are full with our own things.”


Charles Ringma. Dare to Journey--with Henri Nouwen (Designed for Influence) (Kindle Locations 147-150). Kindle Edition.