His life as your life


We do ourselves a huge service if we live in God rather than live in religion. When we live in God we live in reality, we live in real life and not artifice and we do things that are life-giving rather than humbug. What is humbug? Humbug is doing stuff for no other reason than it has always been done and has attained reverence for longevity rather than for its usefulness. Humbug can flourish anywhere but it grows well in the glass house of religion.


To live in God without addition or encrustation is to live in life itself. Except that God’s life is not an it. The best description I have found is ‘spirit and life’ which is the ‘aliveness’ we enjoy by being part of God’s being – which we are when Christ is our life. I am explicit about ‘Christ our life’ to distinguish this from religion. Christ our life is not Christianity. Our inheritance from God in Christ was never religion and not even Christianity. It is His life as our life. We call this incarnation – the real meaning of life in the Spirit as distinguished from practice of the gifts of the Spirit.

Our life in God is a function of our union with God. Never a function of the gifts and the anointing. These are the fruits of our new covenant oneness with the trinity. Rooted in this union we will flourish in the gifts. They will not fade or be hijacked by another power but they will be a fruit of the tree that Jesus changed from Adam’s tree to the tree of life.


To live from religion is like driving a car on two cylinders when it has eight. God is not somewhere else, not confined to special places and special days. God lives in you. To be a son is never to be a follower of a religion. To be a son is to be an expression of our Father.

God takes up all the space. He is not the far-away God postulated in most religions and myths. He is the God who permeates all of life. Every moment of our existence is filled with God whether we know it or not, feel it or not, see it or not. He is not confined to any space, but rather, space and time are confined within Him. He knows all of creation because all of creation exists within Himself.”(1) God is not the property of a holy day or holy places. He makes places and days holy by being Himself.

‘The two being made one’ is more than about Jews and Gentiles. There’s no dualism for the sons of God. Righteousness is not a separate state of being. Because you and Father are now one, life and righteousness
are you. You are a son/daughter of God. The sword of the Spirit has become you.

Religion - done by the naïve on behalf of God - separates us from God and insulates us from His spirit and life. Discernment is the property of the sons of God. The ability to give ‘words’ is not discernment. Discernment knows the difference between Kingdom and religion.

Jesus Christ was fully God. He has come in our flesh. He fills us with the limitless life of God and indwells us with the spirit of sonship so that we are more than human beings with a dob of Jesus added. We are part of God and sons/daughters of God.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 15). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.