His life as your life


‘The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’ John 1.29 NIV.

Jesus both forgave our sins and eliminated the cause of sinning – separation from God. Nevertheless many religions and a good part of Christianity assumes that ‘overcoming separation’ is the main project of the Christian life. You hear this in statements like ‘Keeping close to Jesus’ and ‘what would Jesus do?’ Since the cross and Pentecost Jesus is never somewhere else. He is in you.


The chief lie of the Enemy was that you are ‘not as gods’. But they were. They were the son and daughter of God. The lie of the Enemy today is similar. You are separated from God and you are not as God’s sons. But you are. In Jesus you are sons/daughter of God in spirit and in truth and you are one with our Father.

Jesus not only extinguished the lies. He overcame in His body and spirit the lies of a lesser identity and separation from God. Richard Rohr writes,

Jesus never appeared to believe the "lie of separation," which is the core meaning of sin. He said without hesitation, "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30). That made him indeed unique-and the ultimate model and leader for all of humanity.”


He was unique but now we each possess Jesus’ relationship with the Father and with Holy Spirit. We have been drawn into the fellowship of the trinity and the fullness of the god-head bodily dwells in us as it did in Jesus.

You hear folks from time to time urging us to ‘be a habitation of God.’ As if we have to shape up in some way, jump through some holy hoops before we are fit to harbour the presence of God. God has already entered our darkness through the cross and in the cross drawn our persons into Himself and His fellowship with the Father.

You are in Christ and in Christ you are in God. Live from where He has positioned you. You heart will be nurtured and your various degradations will be burned away by His presence and activity in you. Because of Christ and because He is your life – you and Father are one. Here is the healing of your being, here is the certainty of your sonship and here is the source of the living water that you have become.