His life as your life


Living from the law kills the spirit and suffocates the soul. It brings to our being the spiritual equivalent of dementia. This is because the law is an abstraction and in actual fact a version of the knowledge of good and evil. The law suffocates our origins and denies our destiny as sons.


You are alive in Christ. Particularly when He is personally (ontologically) our life and not reduced to be the driving force of our religion. In Christ and in ‘christianity’ are not the same thing. One is sharing in the ‘being’ of God. The other is being ‘religious.’ One is spirit and life and the other is dead men talking.

The Bible needs to be read holistically or not at all. We read it holistically when Christ is our life – religiously when moralism is our life. There’s a reason why Christians can be officious, legalistic and ungracious. This is because the Kingdom is about persons. Not about precepts.


Of course if we are contained in the law and old covenant we will think it’s about precepts because our touchstone will be the Ten Commandments. This is not the touchstone in this age. Jesus is. He is our life as regards grace and our light as regards knowing life from darkness. Jesus’ life as ours is known theologically as
the vicarious humanity of Christ.

God is incarnate in you. The mystery of Godliness is you as the effect (manifestation) of God interwoven into your being. This is life in the Spirit and it must be distinguished from the gifts of the Spirit. The mystery of the incarnation is that Jesus becomes you. The chief effect of the life in the Spirit is that you are a manifestation of the trinity. The law no more effects holism (you as a son of God0 than a packet of hundreds and thousands is a soccer ball.