His life as your life


The fruit of the law is legalism and legalism distorts that which would have been alive into abstractions and lifeless entities. These entities are examples of the letter that kills and never fruits of the Spirit that is life.

If we have been socialised in the law from childhood we will naturally reduce God and ourselves to less than we are and take on the nature of an abstraction. But the whole is always more than the sum of the parts. The law is a gospel of ‘parts’ rather than the whole who is personable and Christ our life. Religion is a religion of parts while incarnation is our life ignited by the whole. We are incarnated by our trinitarian God to live as daughters and sons.


Take care. We can make our escape from legalism, yet carry the seeds in our being. These seeds are ways of thinking which continually endanger our concept of God: An example of which is the denial of the trinity. Stephen Morrison summarises why God is trinitarian.

If God is love, then God cannot be a singular person or a solitary deity. To love implies an object and a subject, a lover and a beloved. Love by nature necessitates many persons. When the scriptures say that God is love, they are at once saying that God is a Trinity.

For this reason the scriptures speak of God as love (in being), not merely as one who loves (in action). God is love because the act and being of God are one and the same. God’s being is His being-in-act, and God’s act is His act-in-being. In Himself from before all-time God is love because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit exist in a mutual fellowship of self-giving, other-centered service and love. God is therefore one Being, three Persons. God is at once three distinct persons who exist with and in and for one another, and also one God united in the love they share for each other. To speak of God, therefore, as a God of love, as a God who is love, is to speak of the Trinity
.” (1)


The trinity is community. As such God in us becomes the spirit and power that moulds and transforms us into the image of the
Holy Family. This is our growing in sonship in the spirit of sonship which is the Fatherhood of God in us and with us.

Life and love and creation originate in the trinity. Thus when Jesus came as a Representative of God and as God He came as light and life to demonstrated God’s love.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 1). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.