His life as your life


I read an article yesterday about people leaving the church. But there was nothing about Jesus in it. ‘Christianity is not a religion. It is a person.’ People are leaving the church in droves. Some years ago, Rick Joyner as a result of a vision, described certain people leading the church as generals with cardboard fire arms – a parable of parts of the church and the reason why people leave it. We would do better to live from the incarnation than from the externality of institutions. Where Christ is our life the church is the manifestation of Jesus in spirit and life.

There are some good books about if you know where to look. If your desire is to know that truth that sets people free to be spirit and life as themselves, you will find teaching on it. People are moving to the ‘second part of life in this season because a deep understanding of the new birth is being released. But if our mission in life is to legitimate and sustain inherited ideas, then Jesus will not force us to be a tree of life when being a bonsai us what satisfies.

New birth is not a change in morality. For many of us it is the change from Christianity to Christ our life.


Truth is a person and truth is personal. Such a contribution to truth is a book uncovering the basis of the Kingdom and the truth about what Jesus attained for us by the cross. Its title is ‘
The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling.’

This is a book about the gifts. But its premise is that the gifts do not exist in a silo by themselves. It presents the new covenant as foundational for the advance of the Kingdom because the new covenant is the guarantee that we and our Father are one. The latter is why Jesus had the Spirit without limit and also why Jesus always did what Father was doing. He didn’t have visions to do it. They were interwoven as Father and son. So are you. This is important for the flowing of life from the trinity to ourselves and to ensure that we are not misguided or just plain flaky. Here is an excerpt from an endorsement of the book.


Despite its title, this invaluable book is really about the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things. If we can get that primary matter straight, then order, health, and wholeness (and whole lot more) can be restored to both individual believers and the Body of Christ at large. The gifts were given to the church that we all may attain to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Jesus Christ. But these gifts have become self-existing entities apart from the Lord and the inevitable misuse of them, particularly in the prophetic realm, has resulted in widespread confusion, distortion, damage, and even outright destruction amongst God's people. If you want to perpetuate the Charismatic dysfunction ubiquitous on the Christian landscape, this book is definitely not for you.” (1)

We can live a life of Christian activism yet be dwarfed in our being because we are workers instead of sons. We can emit drops of spirit and life due to grace but rivers of it when we combine grace and truth. This is your new covenant life in which you and Father are one.

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 130-135). . Kindle Edition.