His life as your life


The relationship that is ours following the cross is closer to God than was our relationship in Adam prior to the fall. Sure we were in relationship with God before the tree but since the cross, the resurrection and the out-pouring of Holy Spirit we are interwoven with God in His fullness and in our completeness in Jesus.
Most people want to be a better ‘them.’ Most but, but not all, can see the importance of loving others. The ability to love self and others is not innate. But when Christ is incarnated into our being, His love for people and the earth becomes ours. This is because we and He are one.
This statement is one of the key reality statements in the new testament. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. The fullness of grace is a life that is not yours as yours and as your inheritance as a son/daughter of God.
You can realize this now and enter an inheritance, a mode of being, a way of being one with God and a fellowship with the trinity that has been beyond you in the law and religion. You now have both a Sabbath rest and a sabbath life as a living Sabbath. You are a Sabbath. You are at rest continually and continually a river of His outflowing life.
The cross is not something to be mourned at the Lord’s Table. It is the door to the end of Adam’s separation in you and the start of Jesus’ union with Father in you. Baxter Kruger observes,
What emerges on the other side of the cross is a human being from the lost world of Adam who sits at the Father's right hand in real and abiding fellowship with Him. Jesus has not only overcome the Fall of Adam; he has exalted human existence into the circle of the Trinitarian life of God, and fulfilled the eternal purpose of the Triune God for us. The very essence of the gospel lies right here in Jesus Christ himself, in his humanity, in his incarnate relationship with the Father in the Spirit, and in the mysterious way in which he included us in this relationship.”
Jesus’ relationship with Father is your relationship with Father. (1)
(1) Kindle Location 870, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam.