His life as your life


Because of Christ, you simply are. Are what? Yourself. A created and redeemed person who is a son/daughter of God.
God is in you whether you believe it or not. If you do believe it, you will come to understand that there is nothing about your life that is a waste and that everything that has happened to you, is being utilised by God to empower you to ‘eat from the banquet of life’ and be a fully human and full alive son/daughter of God.
Christ is in you and by the Spirit is becoming you. It’s called Christ come in our flesh.
You need to know that the Spirit of God is in you and with you whether or not you go to church and whether or not you have much or none of religion.
God simply is and His Spirit is woven into your being. This is not written to discourage you from going to church or inhibit you from religious joys. But it is written so that you know that spirit and life and the real you and the real God is not in such things. Life without limit is in God and in you because God is in you.
The genius of His Plan and his incarnation of you and of us all is that you are never alone, never fatherless, always in the arms of your One Mother and always desired by Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are in good company and good company is in you! Richard Rohr writes,
Your simple breathing models your entire vocation as a human being. You are an incarnation, like Christ, of matter and spirit operating as one. This, more than anything we believe or accomplish, is how all of us continue the mystery of incarnation in space and time—either knowingly and joyfully—or not.” (1)
The Lord’s Table is the mirror of this fact of being. The Lord’s Table represents the key fact of life. That God is in you, has been woven into your being and is becoming you by the Spirit in every aspect of your life. God is not in you because you have found a text that says He is. God is in you because He is in you as part of your reality and the reality of the universe.
Think of it this way. When you breathe in, you breathe in the Spirit of God. When you breathe out you breathe His and your spirit in the spirit of sonship onto anything that you are doing. You are one with God by the. One Spirit. You are also filled with the Spirit because you and Father are one.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (pp. 99-100). SPCK. Kindle Edition.