His life as your life


I had always known about grace. Some of the people I mixed with had a lot to say about ‘cheap grace.’ They were sincere believers steeped in the law. They saw grace as a means of aiding their compliance with the law - or bits of it. As is the way with the old way of the knowledge of good and evil, we specialise in bits as if they are the whole.

But our constructs of the good and the evil are highly biased in favour of ourselves, our definitions and virtue-signalling. Too often, these are virtues that require little personal sacrifice and little effort because our versions of righteousness are really a reflection of ourselves. Jesus called them ‘
Your law.’ Because that’s what they are. Fragments of supposed entitlement.

Grace – the righteousness of God as His life in us – is never partial or partisan. How could Christ come in our flesh ever be biased, stinted or self-serving. With Christ as our life, infinite righteousness and limitless life manifests in our being and
becomes us.

Grace is never cheap and it’s not a method of dealing with the law. It’s God’s new and living way of uniting Himself to you and replicating Himself in you. Grace is a person. It’s Christ for you and as you in every way. By grace Jesus begins our new birth and maturation as sons. This progressively undoes our Adam and replaces Adam with Jesus who is for us and in us.

Victory in this life is to be had as we align ourselves with what already is in Christ: Christ come in our flesh.

There is more to ‘Christ come in the flesh’ than meets the eye. ‘
There is the staggering truth that the Son of God became flesh, as John tells us (JN 1:14). It is one thing to say that the Son of God became a human being; it is quite another to say that he became flesh. “Flesh” locates the incarnation not only within human existence, but within the pale of fallen Adamic existence. It could not have been otherwise. Jesus’ mission was to bring the fallen human race to the right hand of God the Father almighty.

His mission was to reconcile us to God, to heal the breach, to undo the Fall and bring us to glory. The mind-boggling truth of the incarnation is that the Son of God stepped right into the stream of the Fall. He entered into the quagmire of human estrangement and alienation from God
.” (1)

Jesus lives in you as you are now. You don’t have to reach some ‘holy status’ to receive Him. You have already been received into His life and His fellowship with the trinity. You have been woven into God and God is woven into you. Because Jesus is your life in every way, you are holy as God is holy and growing in the Spirit of Sonship every day.

But here’s the thing. Woven into Christ we are the manifestation of Christ to each other and to the poor. We know ourselves and those who are His by our fruits.


(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam . Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.