His life as your life


Here is a short reflection on knowing God, knowing self and just ‘knowing.’ Descartes said ‘ I think therefore I am.’ I would adjust this to say, ‘ I am therefore I think truth, wisdom and life.’ This is to say, ‘I am because I am in God as in ‘I belong to God’s being’. Here is a state of being that is the possession of all. It’s yours.


We can live in union with God or live in separation. To live in a form of separation as a religious way of life, is to exist in the great darkness. It’s a mindset that denudes membership of the Body of Christ of content. Why? It leaves us in
the body of death that Adam began. Watchman Nee wrote of a sub-Christian life. There is a sub-christian life that exists when Believers live in a sub-christian gospel. Any gospel that ignores or denies the incarnation denies us the unlimited life that is ours when we live from Christ our life instead of from religion.


Following the cross Adamic separation is no more and union with God is ours – if we are willing to come to the waters and drink. Before the cross even the good guys like Moses and David lived in separation, even though they had a relationship with God. Once Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ and particularly after the out-pouring of Holy Spirit the separation between God and man was ended and a new era of Christ our life had begun through the mystery of the incarnation. This is why Jesus announced that any Believer in the Kingdom of God has more of God than
John the Baptist or any old testament hero of the faith.


So what do we have that David did not? We are woven into the being God and God is woven into us. We have Jesus’ relationship with His Father as our relationship. We are sons and daughters of the trinity - the Holy Family. Returning to our initial statements, we have our being in God. We have genuine and fulsome being when we live in this inheritance of union with God gifted to us by the enterprise of the trinity.

So why the emphasis on ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ in this post? Because we know God and ourselves
as God is and as we are when we live in what we have been graced with – sons of God in real-time communion with the trinity.

We are fully alive or not, when we know the inheritance that is ours and live in it. Infinite life is found through the Door of truth. Ill-health and spiritual death are ours as we attempt life in mistaken and idiosyncratic notions of truth. We can ignore this truth on the grounds that ‘You are a hard man and I prefer to stick with my own security and dogmatics of the law.’ Or we can embrace our inheritance and build ten cities instead of building illusions.


The trinitarian relationship with each other is your relationship with God.

Stephen Morrison observes that “
Knowledge of God is not true unless grounded in the Trinitarian relationship that exists at the deepest level of God. It is only in understanding the Trinity that we can have anything to say about God at all. How then can we come to understand God? Not by listing attributes, finding Bible verses, or observing appearances. Though these things help. Knowledge of God is only possible from within the Trinity.” (1)

‘On that day
you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


We can be members of the Body of Christ and not realise this inheritance – like a man dying of thirst in the Amazon not realizing that he is surrounded by fresh water. Or king
rendered mute by the lies of witchcraft.

‘We played the pipe for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn’ Matt 11.17 NIV. There is infinite life for you but you would not realize.

You have an identity that trumps any manufactured identity or ascribed identity derived from a community of belief. You belong. You are in relationship with the trinity. You are woven into God and God is woven into you. You are a son, not notionally, but in spirit and in truth. You are a son/daughter in resurrection life because Christ is in you.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 31-32). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.