Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Happy Boxing Day! Other than a happy holiday following Christmas and the start of the Sydney – Hobart yacht race, the meaning is not overly clear. My aunt told me when I was a little boy that it was a day when you put out presents in boxes for tradesmen to collect. That was faintly near the truth since it is associated with the giving and receiving of alms.

As it happens we are ourselves both poor and rich. Poor in that of ourselves we as humans cannot free ourselves of our chains – despite repeated calls urging that the Christmas spirit be maintained all year. Yet we are rich due to the cross and incarnation. ‘Crossmass’ means our life in misguided Adam is dead and our life in Jesus the Son of God has come in and now ours. This is our prize to receive this boxing day and every day.


If you are not abandoned by Father in your sin, how much more are you one with God when you have received His Son as your life?!

Our sins are annulled. Our imagined separation from God has become union and fellowship. In Christ we are one with the trinity and fellowshipping with them. Because Christ is our life the trinity lives un us. There are no hoops to jump through. No ‘Have I done enough?’ Jesus has done enough. Father has embraced you in Jesus. Father was in Christ reconciling you to Himself.

No matter how many slip-ups, everyday is a new day in Christ, you are always new in your relationship with Him and new in your spirit. He has covered your sin problem and put Himself in place of your poor resolve. There is no link that you must forge. Jesus is your union with God.

David had a great relationship with God in the old testament, being with Him at work and thinking of Him constantly. You have more. You have Christ in you and you are in Christ. You live in ultra-fellowship with God. Rest in this. Be yourself in this and you will release rivers of His life out of your unique expression of Father’s life. This is living as daughters and sons!

Francois Du Toit writes,
‘Just love living in the awareness and full persuasion of the closeness of God. "He is not far from each one of us", says Paul to a bunch of idol worshipping Greek philosophers! Acts 17. Even in our ignorance or indifference to him - even in our hostility - He reconciled the human race to himself in Christ! The incarnation celebrates that Emmanuel means God can never again be God without us!’