His life as your life


There are many advantages to had in living from a personal Jesus. None of us can be aware of them until we have made the switch from religion, an ideology or a belief system. Unfortunately we can be quietly proud of ourselves and our achievements in religion, since Christ’s grace has furnished us with a few drops of fruitfulness. Yet these are small compared to the abundance of spirit and life that is ours when Christ is our life. Living this life in His life we have not just fruits. We have an entire orchard of life itself. We are eating at last from the tree of life that has become the whole world.

Why is this life so huge compared to religion? Because Christ is you.


In religion life is compartmentalised. The common division is sacred and secular. This is a large dead branch growing from the trunk of the knowledge of good and evil. When Christ is our life we are in life. This is to say we are immersed in life as a person, as a dynamic and as a being who is part of the creation. The law of the Spirit of life means that not only is it true that we and Father are one. We and the creation are one.

In the post cross age we have incarnation. There are no levels or degrees of presence like there were in the Jewish tabernacle in the desert. Christ is in you. The trinity is in us and we are in God. This is the meaning of the spirit of sonship. Because God is in us manifesting through us we are life-givers adding spirit and life to the world in which we live.


Should we have closeted ourselves in a pre-cross mindset we may live under the impression of sacred and secular, sabbath and week-day, my time and God’s time and my money and God’s money. In the new testament age all of God is ours and all of us is God’s. This is not a bug-bear. It means life is holy, and the sacrament is us and our life in God. Glory comes to where we are in the world and all things are being brought together in Christ.

Baxter Kruger, following Thomas Torrance and others has done much to explode the illusion that for many is their ‘Christianity’. The illusion that we are separated from God and that religion serves to bring us into union with God. This unfortunately is the motivation of much of the Christian Industry. Rohr writes,

The modern divine-human divorce seems to be on the grounds of both “incompatibility” and “irreconcilable” differences. Religion itself must bear most of the responsibility for causing this divorce by, in effect, increasing the distance between God and humanity instead of proudly announcing that the problem is already solved and the perceived gap has been overcome from the very beginning: “Before the world was made, he chose us” (Ephesians 1:4). (1) We can always have more of God. But this ‘more’ is in us – not somewhere else or managed by someone else.

We can live in separation adopting it as form of zeal and piety but the result we will be a false god, a false self, a false gospel and paddocks of tares. The fact is however that we are already sons and daughters of God. We belong and we should live from where He has placed us as the sons we are.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.