His life as your life


As a minister of the gospel there’s something more important than being sincere, having correct information or being a brilliant speaker. It’s being a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. This empowers us to be doers and speakers of spirit and life. We can minister this life of spirit and resurrection as ministers of the new covenant living in the mindset of Jesus and His accomplishments for us.


Spirit and life is a flow, a river of divine life that flows from the trinity into you and everything you touch.

Being a channel of spirit and life comes not from grace as an abstraction but from the radical grace that is the fullness of God – the trinity – and our placement in this fellowship. You belong when you believe you belong which means living from Jesus’ version of ‘belonging.’ Baxster Kruger observes that,

The sum and substance of the work of Christ is that the eternal Son of God became human and lived out his divine sonship inside our fallen Adamic existence, and in so doing not only converted fallen Adamic existence, but also forged a real and abiding relationship, a union, between God the Father and fallen humanity.’ (1)


Flo Pederson, a gospel worker took offence because she said her friend implied that she was a not a daughter/son. But the truth is that she was not. She was a daughter of
the slave woman, contained in the law with its debilitated variety of sonship that could never be sonship in spirit and in truth. We are sons when Jesus is our life.

The big deal of the new testament age is our union with God- your union with God. Living from this union is the difference between drops of living water and rivers of the water of life flowing from your being. The anointing and the gifts are no substitute for this. The anointing of the Spirit on old covenant mindsets is like watering pot-plants that have no pots and no soil. But you have this soil and this ground of your being. It is yours now and has been since Jesus shouted, ‘It is finished!’

The incarnation .. is the act of the Triune God, and it means nothing short of the earthing [the location of the trinity in you and in us] of the eternal trinitarian fellowship. When the Son of God stepped across the divide and entered into human existence, he did not leave his Father or the Spirit behind. The incarnation means that the very life of the Trinity—the fellowship and camaraderie and togetherness, the fullness and joy and glory of the Father, Son and Spirit, and nothing less— set up shop inside human existence.” (2)

By believing and living this you change the life of yourself, your marriage, your family and the church. When the church lives in the incarnation, society will be changed and the Kingdom of God will grow and cover the whole earth.

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