His life as your life


There is a union of being that is ours in Jesus Christ. This is how heaven manifests on earth. The main invasion of heaven into earth is the incarnation. Healings are great but they must be tied to the healing of the human race that is ours in Christ. In Jesus Christ the separation Adam began is undone and the union of the Son of God with His Father is ours. This is the ultimate healing. We have not just been ‘saved’ nor have we been given a Jesus to enable us to keep the law or exhibit Christian virtues. If this was all that was involved we would have a lesser christ and a smaller gospel – if not a false christ.

Jesus has become ours in order to BE US.


Keep in mind that in the natural you as a daughter of your father are a manifestation of him. Joe as a son of His mother is a manifestation of her. This is the natural. In the Spirit we are the manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. By birth you are this manifestation. By the cross, resurrection and the Spirit you are more intensely and surely the manifestation of God as Joe or Mavis – as you live in God and not in the law or in things like materialism and the many substitutes for REAL LIFE. In this second mode you realise your true identity and destiny and in doing so become an agent of the new creation.

In Christ we have received union with God. This union comes from relationship – called sonship and from our union with the Groom as the Bride of Christ. I have tried to emphasise the reality of this union by thinking of marriage.

A man and woman are married when they sign the book. But they are married in spirit and in truth as they live together as one and make love together. A marriage without this consummation can hardly be called a marriage. Similarly a union with God that depends on words and legally construed definitions may be union in theory but is really a shadow of the real. Real union as Paul indicates is ‘Christ our life.’ With these words we have i
ncarnation – the Spirit of God in fullness dwelling in our being or what John spoke of as Christ come in our flesh. J Baxter Kruger puts it this way..

 “Why do you think I started with the Word, instead of the Son?” “A moment ago I thought that perhaps you used Word because you wanted us to know that Jesus is God’s message to us.” “Yes, indeed. Think back to your professor’s favourite quote from Karli [refers to Karl Barth].” I could feel his joy in leading me. “I could never forget it; my teacher said it a hundred times. ‘Not God alone, but God and humanity together, constitute the meaning of the Word of God.’” “Now,” he said, his voice quivering in anticipation, “substitute ‘Jesus’ in place of ‘the Word of God,’ and say the quote again.” “Not God alone, but God and humanity together, constitute the meaning of Jesus.” (1)

God and humanity together is the meaning of you.

This is not obscure. It speaks to the concrete meaning of incarnation, which by the Spirit results in the persons of our Father, the Son of God and Holy Spirit being expressed as you. The full meaning of the Body of Christ as in ‘this is my body given for you’ is that we are not only the expression of Jesus. We are the manifestation of the fullness of the God-Head in our person and in our daily lives.

If we could live in this instead of living in ‘Christianity and religion’ we would do better as our ‘better self’ and much better as the leaven (yeast), the mustard seed and the New Creation. We are not living a born again life if we are not living Christ our life and the Trinity in us. We are living in old separated Adam under the wrong tree.

Jesus was crucified on the tree that was the manifestation of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But in doing so Jesus redeems that tree, redeems us and make the cross the tree of life that bears fruit and is eaten by all who are truly alive. This community is not a notional body of Christ. They are His Body in spirit and in truth and as such they multiply spirit and life where they are by being themselves.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Patmos: Three Days, Two Men, One Extraordinary Conversation . Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.