His life as your life


One of the saddest perversions of the gospel is the idea that knowing about the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice for me, ‘I now love Jesus so much I am not attracted to sin and un-righteousness’. You don’t love Jesus that much and this is not the new covenant. The new covenant is Christ our life.

This post cross version of self-effort clothed in the sentimentality of ‘love talk’ gives no power to live as an overcomer and is not the Gospel of the Kingdom. This gospel is that Christ is our life and that it His Person in us by the Spirit who becomes us. This is life in the Spirit.


Many of us mistakenly look for other things to make us worthy of being accepted by God. We have been seduced into averting our gaze from the real Help who is Christ our life. The Deceiver has aided us to subvert the simplicity of the incarnation and exchange this for behaviours and rites that we hope will give us an advantage in our quest to shape up for Him. Nothing we do makes us Godly. His life as ours makes us Godly. Paul was right when he so bluntly put it that anything that is not Christ our life is crap.
‘Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ’ Phil 3.8 KJV.

In deviant gospels, we think we must get ourselves worthy of being saved in order to be saved.

This is nonsense and another variation of the lie – you need an extra something in order to be like God. Adam and Eve already were like God, being sons and daughters. Today so are you and our representation of sonship is Jesus Christ. He is us.


Our adversary wants to keep whispering to us that you’re not worthy yet, you’re not ready yet, God doesn’t want you yet. We feel like we have to compose our own righteousness. The news about that is both horrible and terrific.

The horrible news is, if I had all eternity in myself to try to get myself together, I couldn’t do it. I cannot, on my own, ever be worthy of God’s love. I can never have a claim on him that says, “Now you must bless me and pay attention to me because I have achieved righteousness.” It’s not just in me. My sinful nature brings me down and will forever.

But the terrific news is that Christ has done what I could not do for myself. He’s lived that life of obedience and communion with the Father and joined to him, in him is the most marvellous acceptance in worthiness.
” (1) This is the vicarious humanity of Jesus Christ. Christ is our life in respect of our relating to God and Christ is our life in our becoming more Godly.

His life is ours in regard to justification and He is our life in regard to sanctification. Christ in us, becomes us. Christ has come in the flesh of June and Bob. Christ is in them by the Spirit: Incarnation.

The false you is always the expression of self-effort and for the Believer, the expression of you in religion. The real you is the expression of Christ as you, George and Bob. Religion will be the death of the real you, but Christ your life is your life in spirit and in truth.

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