Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The church of Jesus is the expression of Himself in people. It is Jesus multiplied in those who believe. Yesterday my daughter exclaimed excitedly about her friend, ‘A full-on Jesus person’ she called her. Such people make up the church that is far more than a form of godliness. They are His spirit and life - the church that is not the shadow of the real but the real. The church of Jesus is never an abstract entity, not a social structure in the burocratic sense. In the Spirit the church is the expression of Jesus in individuals who join together as the community of His person.

The church of Jesus is as simple as you being the presence of Jesus to someone.

In the new covenant you are in Christ and He in you. You are positioned in our Father as a daughter/son. Here you are mentored, shaped and tutored to be who you were created to be. Sin, death, unbelief and religious myths are driven out and replaced by the grace and truth of Jesus Himself. You become the healed manifestation of Jesus. While the church may be a hospital for cripples they do not stay that way when immersed in the grace of the trinity. They absorb God’s life and heavenly well-being. They as sons and daughters who are full of grace and truth.

You cannot express your humanity through the law. Neither can you know God through religion. The Son of Man expresses your real humanity through you. The Son of God transfigures your being with Himself!

The Spirit does not make us into an abstraction. We become more human because the Son of Man is expressing Himself through us.