His life as your life


I read a book recently entitled ‘God is For us’.’ This book is about us, God’s desire to draw us into Himself and His passion for us to enjoy Him and know that He knows and enjoys us.

Another work on this theme is a book on the Atonement – being the at-one-ment of God and ourselves. Its focus is that “Jesus Christ was not only the revelation of God, but also the foundation of our human responses” to God. He still is and always will be. This is the truth in which we live when we agree that Christ is our life.

It’s the state of being that is ours as we live in the truth of the vicarious humanity of Jesus. This is the way and the only way that we may live in oneness with God – because God has already made it so.


These books are not just ideas. They are the uprooting of tares and the elimination of ‘other gospels. They are the truth of God and the truth of you. God is for you and God is in you and it is this interwoveness of God and ourselves that defines us as practicing sons and daughters of God who are alive in our souls and spirits in the spirit of sonship.

Just as Adam and Eve were ‘fallen’ according to what they chose to believe, so we are ‘risen’ and participants in the life of the risen Christ according to our belief in what God believes about God and about us.

Everyone belongs thanks to the cross. Those who belong in spirit and in truth are those with an undiluted belief that Christ alone is their life. They are un-insulated from the Presence.

The union of human beings with God is mysterious but nevertheless a fact. It’s called
Christ come in the flesh. This is the difference between our living out the Kingdom and our living out the continuity of the fallen Adam. The latter is the culture of much christianity.

Sadly masses of Christians are persistently working to achieve union with God, when God has already drawn them into Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. We need to be clear. Jesus of Nazareth was and is fully God. He was the human manifestation of the Son of God who always was with our Father.

Jesus weaves us into the trinity as sons and daughter of the Family of God. We are there because of who He is and what He has done - not because of anything we have done. Our work is to agree that He is our life and our union with the heavenly fellowship – which by the way becomes the earthly fellowship of ours because the trinity lives in us.


There’s no contract. The notion that we must do things to secure something from God is old -covenant and semi-pagan. God is in Christ and you are in God. What do you do to possess this? Believe it.

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

This union is direct and woven into our being. It is a union to which the law is irrelevant and to which religious rites are specious. That which is relevant with igniting agency is the transfusion of our being with the being of God. This is why there is only one pertinent rite in the post cross age: The Lord’s Table. But even here the efficacy has nothing to do with its performance. It is a celebration and a reminder that the infinite life God comes by eating Jesus. This is to say what Jesus said, ‘Those who eat me will live because of Me’ and ‘Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.’ Here Jesus is speaking INCARNATION: Himself come in our flesh. The Christ expressed as Jill and Bob. Thomas Torrance explains the foundation of union with God this way.

When the conception of the oneness in being between the incarnate Son and the Father was formed and given explicit expression in the clause μοοσιος τὰ Πατρ, a giant step forward was taken in grasping the inner ontological coherence of the Gospel as it had been mediated through the apostolic Scriptures. Once that insight had been reached, the Church could not go back upon it, because the evangelical substance of the faith, with its distinctively Christian doctrine of God, had been secured in its mind and understanding in a permanent way.” This is an expression of the ‘apostles doctrine.’ It means that in Jesus you and our Father are one. This is the gospel of the Kingdom and the ‘Christian doctrine of ourselves and of God.’

Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (pp. 144-145). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.