His life as your life


Sin is caused by separation from God. A loose definition of sin today might be the attempt to be Godly by any means other than Christ as our life. Why? Because our separation in Adam has been undone and our union with God is our reality because Christ is us.

Reality is Christ.

Separation from God is the carnal vine from which grow the iniquitous branches – the actions that we call sin. These are the manifestations of the false self that we are in Adam. Separated from God we are engage in all kinds of manoeuvres and strategies to get the max from life and demonstrate ourselves as worthy of being loved by God and other folks. But we are loved and this love is seen in the sign of the cross and the reality of Jesus who is the passion of God to be with us and in us. None need earn this. It’s the gift of life. This ‘Christ life’ is less us receiving Christ and more us living in the reality that we have already been received in His life and His fellowship with Father and Holy Spirit.


We can live as wise or foolish virgins. As the wise we can live in our marriage to Christ. As the foolish we can live as though we are not married when we are.


The idea that sin is the transgression of the law is a partial and incomplete definition. Without the law sin might not be recognised but it would still be sin – a degrading power that turns life into death. The law is associated with sin because it identifies and names ‘sins’ for what they are: Actions that degrade our lives.

There’s a way to deal with sin in ourselves and others. But it’s not by condemnation and damning people to hell. It’s about accepting the life that is freely offered us in the Person of Jesus.

God is not about sin. God is about life and this life is in His Son. Many Christians are hooked on the idea that God is about morality. Not so. God is about life as stated by Jesus when he declared, ‘ I have come to give them life to the full.’ It’s His person in us that fills us with His life, which drives out sin. Righteousness is the effect of God’s life in us and becomes evident in God’s life as us. There’s nothing obscure or abstract about the life of God. It’s the personal manifestation of the trinity as you and I.

Jesus could have given a rant about sin and sinning but did not. He simply presented Himself as the way, the truth and the life. ‘The way, the truth and the life’ is not a religious scheme or an agenda of good works. It’s Him as you and God as us. This is the incarnation which is the core of the Gospel and the foundation of the new creation that is generated by those who live in it.

The branches of His Vine are us and the church living in union with God through Christ. It’s incarnation. This is life in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is never the gifts added to the old covenant and the law. Life in the Spirit is a righteous life springing from our union with God that empowers us with the Spirit without limit.


The notion that forms much christian religion - that God is obsessed with morals and sins - is the major lie flowing from the Thief and the Liar. The truth is that Christ lives in you and becomes you so that you will become who He made you to be: A son of God in spirit and in truth. Sure, you can designate yourself as a son in the law or by studious effort but you remain a shadow of your real self. Stephen Morrison puts it this way.


Sin is and sin isn’t separation from God. It is separation from God in the sense that sin by nature is against everything that God is, and therefore it has no place within God. Sin places a wedge between us and God. But sin is also not separation from God since separation from an omnipresent God who upholds all creation in Himself is impossible. God refuses to let us go. In His mercy, He refuses to leave us in our self-insistent separation. Separation from God is an impossibility. In His free grace He has chosen not to abandon the human race, despite our rebellion.” (1)

So here’s the thing. We can live in the law and in the illusion of separation from God. But actually we are not separated from God – only in our minds, because we have believed a lie. Union with God in spirit and in truth is ours when we believe the truth and live in Christ who is our life. Now we have the kind of union with His Father that Jesus had.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 44). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.