Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


All life in the law is limited. Even one connection to the law joins us to all of the law. Everything in the knowledge of good and evil is limited. Jesus came to give us life without limit. Not a limited life. When He is our life we can expect to live in increasing fullness.


The Kingdom of God is the experience of Christ our life in us and as us. It is the replication of what He demonstrated at His first advent among us. Disregard those who warn you off experience. If we are not experiencing what Jesus instigated we are not experiencing Him. He was quite direct in defining the what the Kingdom of God was. The lack of supernatural elements in our life is just as much ‘experience’ as is an experience of the miraculous. God calls the former death and the latter life.

‘And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son’ 1 John 5.11 NIV.

Jesus released life because He was life. He undid sickness and death and cast out demons. This infuriated those wedded to religion because it took attention away from that which gave them an identity and a status. If what Jesus offered had been no better than what they offered the people the religionists would have had an excuse. But since He was life itself and He multiplied life they were without excuse.

‘We have a choice. We can be the body of Christ or the body of death.’

The un-life experts, the marketers of the lie accused Jesus of healing by the power of Satan. The ploy of defining those better than yourself in your own deceit is as old as the father of lies. But this is not its only form. The practice of calling life death and the works of God the works of the devil are at least as old as the claims of the Pharisees.

I knew some people once. They were cultured and cultivated in the arts but also steeped in ‘the law’ and the hocus pocus of calling light darkness and darkness light. We went to an organ recital in the cathedral and the organist was brilliant. So brilliant that my law possessed friends declared that his superb musical abilities came from the power of the evil one. The religious spirit will cause those in its thrall to attempt to smother anything that is creative with .. well.. religion.

‘But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God’ John 1.12 NIV.


The influence of the religious spirit is subtle and deceitful. When confronted by something new and radical we can respond with. 'Something deep in my spirit resisted what I was hearing.' This can have weight. But only if what is being referred to the is the Spirit of Christ. There are times when this spirit is none other than the spirit of religion opposing advance into the fullness of Jesus. Life in the Spirit is more radical than most imagine.

Jesus accomplished the undoing of Adam and the release of the Sons of God into unlimited life.

A Believer can be engulfed by life or smothered by a lie. Life without limit is ours in Jesus who is our present resurrection and future glory. We need to place our being where the life is. Anything that depends for its energy or motivation on old testament practices, personalities or covenants will be bound in grave clothes and limitation. It will never get up. Dullness is its name. The incarnation of the Son of God as the Son of Man began the Kingdom of God. The incarnation of the Son of God in us manifests the new creation and the new earth.

‘Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life’ 1 John 5.12 NIV.