Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


We are all on a journey. Some are closer to the destination that others. Some believers have more of God than others. But not because they are better. Some have a cultural inheritance that is deep in God and the personal presence of Jesus while others are more used to generalities and general Christian values. Some have a lot of the Bible and little of the Spirit while others can be Spirit-filled yet with a scant knowledge of the Bible.


God did not make us all the same, but He did not mean us to live in these polarities. Any reading of the New Testament demonstrates that we are al called to live in the Spirit, multiply what Jesus began and have enough scriptural knowledge to furnish us with spiritual wisdom as well as the discernment to test the spirits and judge prophecy. Some are habitually led astray by false doctrines, distorted prophecies and misleading and unscriptural end-time scenarios. Others deny that miracles and words from God are for today, confining themselves to, if not a life in the letter, to a life in a religion of the head. But this results more from the conditioning of that entity called the church and the vested interests of religion than it does with either God or the Bible.

The more God is in our lives the better life we will have – not necessarily materially but better in realizing our true identity and purpose and better in helping others to do the same. Life in the Spirit is life in Jesus which makes us more human and more Godly. There is a glory in humanity that shines forth occasionally in non-believers. As believers we can boldly live in He who is the Son of God and Son of Man. As friends of a personal Jesus and with His life manifesting through us in the Spirit, we can be alive to ourselves and join with others to generate communities of life.


Where the Spirit of the Lord flourishes there is the spirit of liberty. This a name of the Holy Spirit and an attitude that is released into people by the Spirit of Jesus. In individuals and groups this spirit draws us into Christ were we receive our affirmation as unique individuals and groups for whom Christ is our life. The Spirit of Liberty provides us with a real identity and liberates us from conformity to the world, religious stereo-types and notions that would congeal us in fear, false respect and subservience to attitudes that restrict our potential and ability to minister in the unique identity that is ours. Francois Du Toit writes,

‘The revelation of the reconciliation that God worked in Christ will flood the earth like a tsunami wave! Not through some future revival from above, but from the innermost being of ordinary people discovering Christ not hiding in some vague historic reference, but risen in us! Christ in us the hope of glory. He is the desire of the nations.’ He is in you. The trinity is in you. The hope of the church is not Holy Spirit and the gifts. The new creation realised is our living from our union with God in which the Spirit is rooted without limit.


Having said all this it is important to understand that the authority of Jesus is wielded on earth only when Jesus Himself is our life. The Kingdom on earth is the authority and life of heaven multiplied on earth by those who live in Jesus. Believers can multiply religion and everyday Christianity but sons alone multiply Christ’s Kingdom of authority and power to release life.

Jesus implied that we need to know God and the scriptures. We need to read the Bible through the Jesus Lens. As disciples of Jesus we need to follow the doctrine of the apostles, not distortions of the truth. We need to know that the Son of God lives to empower us to live out of Himself. Never to energize Old Testament paradigms. The New Testament is entirely the life of Jesus manifest in the world.

At His resurrection Jesus reignited the life that had been lost in Adam. At Pentecost Jesus multiplied Himself into every Believer to literally become THEIR LIFE. At Pentecost, the new covenant in Christ’s body given for us, became multiplied as the person of Jesus to live in all. This is why Jesus said, ‘Those who eat me will live because of me.’ It is why we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. It is why Paul said the glory of the church is Christ in us and more. It is why Jesus Himself is our life. It is us being partakers of the One Loaf.