Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Many of us, actually most of us, have been indoctrinated with a 'Christian Mindset' Some of it and in certain cases, much of it, not aligned with the heart of God. In the early 1980s I began to pursue Jesus Christ. I realized I had 'churched Him' but did not know Him. Thankfully He had been chasing me and I began to get to know a personal Jesus. This was boosted along when I read a book by Gordon Moyes in which he declared that Jesus was not a religion. He is a person. Our hearts need to understand this and live from Him. King of the universe as He is He is very welcoming and loves your company.

At the end of the decade I discovered the Holy Spirit in a church near my home. His presence is addictive and meant to be. There is nothing more wholesome and life-giving than the real presence of God. It beats the real ‘presence of us’ any day and ignites our spirit. Without His
real presence we are orphans, no matter how well versed in the Bible we might be.

One of the pleasures of walking with the Lord is His progressive revelation. Jesus began to reveal to me the truth about Himself and His Father. Some of us have assumed a lie that did not come from God. This is the lie that we have a gentle Jesus and a demanding performance oriented Father.

Many of us have absorbed the idea that Jesus came so that we would perform when the truth is that He came so that we would be included and loved. Every one of us belong thanks to the achievements of Jesus. Our part is to agree that this is so and embrace our inheritance.

If we have seen Jesus we have seen the Father. Jesus is the Father expressed as His Son. The gospel of the Kingdom is not about conformity. It's about love and becoming who we are in God's love. The highest state of being in the cosmos is not about ticking boxes. To know God and to be your real self is love.

We can live a compartmentalized life under old covenant categories, choose our definitions of righteousness and divide our time and our means into mine and ‘His.’ But his life is not our life and because He is not ‘all of me.’ Paul speaks of Christ your life because we are one with Him and He with us in the entirety of our being and circumstances. This is us living and having our being in Jesus.

Not a few Believers are satisfied to be as they are. They find themselves irritated that it might be suggested that they could have more of Christ and that there is a dimension of the Kingdom that is a broad river of life compared to the few drops they carry about in their personal buckets. But this Jesus and this spirit and life – this Kingdom power and authority is the inheritance of all who will embrace it.

Our glory is to be fully human and fully alive. By resting in Father's heart we can be more than conquerors. Jesus as our life will give fullness and wholeness that a performance regime cannot deliver.

'When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory'
Col 3.4 NIV.

There is a living way into the arms of a loving Father - Jesus. Our access to His heart depends, not on what we do but on what Jesus has done. Father says to you, 'My Son/daughter. I love you. You have every right to be here. Your place with me depends entirely on the work of My Son.' Don't start some new form of striving. Just agree with what God has done and step into His reality.

Love is a person. Never a set of abstractions or an ideology. The Bible plainly says that God is love. When Jesus came He was the personification of God's love. Yet despite this I acquired the idea as a child that Father was not a very nice person. But you could not think this or say it because 'He would know! God was God even if he was the Chief Performance Mogul. All of this comes from the Father of lies. But as Jeff Turner says in his book,
Saints in the Arms of a Happy God, it is natural to think like this if we have never experienced the love of Our Father for ourselves.