Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In this age we have the privilege of being the expression of Jesus Christ. Christ our life is more than Jesus in us. He is the Way that the trinity lives in us and we live with them.
God accomplished the union of all things in the Son. Jesus has brought all things together in Himself in principle and is bringing all things together in Himself in reality. He has ‘made the two one.’ He has done away with the wall of separation made by Adam between God and ourselves, between ourselves and ourselves and between times and places and ourselves. He has created one seamless union between God, humanity and the creation.

‘For in him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring’ ’ Acts 17.28 NIV.

In Jesus God has drawn us into Himself in order that we may manifest the healing, he wholeness and the life of God as sons who find their being in Christ and bring all things together in Jesus.


There’s a river of life that flows from the throne of God. This an image of the life that began in the womb of the trinity and flows back to it through the loving creativity of the sons of God. We were made to live in God; made to live and swim in this uninterrupted and unseparated life. But the fall of Adam and the lie that we could be as God from our own efforts gave rise to religion - to holy times, holy places, sacred and secular, holy and set apart people and the generally fragmented disorder known as the old creation.

In the new covenant the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In the old covenant the parts are deemed erroneously to make one whole.


In Jesus we have been given all of God’s life. There is no sacred and secular here. We simply live, move and have our being in the real presence of God. As a consequence He invites us to find all of our life in Him – to not live in compartments or offer Him pieces of our life but to be a living sacrifice that is all in our favour. This is to find all of our life in God and to agree that CHRIST IS OUR LIFE.

There is no God’s time and my time in this frame. No my resources and His resources and no my money and His money. He owns all of us as a result of the cross and we have all of His life due to the resurrection. We have no right to a compartmentalised life in the new covenant age and should not diminish ourselves in attempting it. It’s not holiness. It’s the opposite.

We can live in these compartments if we choose. The law and the old covenant mindset facilitate it. Like an old testament person we can give a bit of our life in circumcision and persuade ourselves that we are living in God when we are living in bits. We can give God a Sabbath of our time and convince ourselves that in so doing we are free to spend most of our lives on ourselves and a seventh on doing ‘God things.’ People do this and wonder why there is so little anointing on their weekend ‘god activities.’ We rationalise a divided life out of a divided heart.


God gave us all of Himself so that we can be all of Him. He lives to make us whole, unified beings for whom Christ is our life and more – to have us be people for whom the life of heaven is the life of earth in each location in which we labour and in each day of the week. This is the new creation Kingdom of God in spirit and in truth.