His life as your life


Hopefully we come to a stage in our lives where we see that the self that we have made is not our real self but a peripheral structure that contains some of us and some of nothing.

Jesus spoke to a young girl and asked her what progress she was making. She listed some of her achievements in sport and in the classroom. Jesus chuckled and responded, ‘ No. I mean how are you doing at being you?!’

If you have been on a real journey of self-growth you will have learned that real wholeness and holiness is more than morality and so much more than religious observances. As Jesus said to the girl, it’s about being you.

If you have been raised in a theology that holds to total or near depravity you may have absorbed a dim view of the self. In Jesus you are a son/daughter and a priest/king. Even in Adam people are not all evil. In Christ they come alive as the sons and daughters of God. The best prophecy is usually a word from God that draws you into your best self.

As self-made men and women, we will never become our real selves. But hidden in God we will emerge as who we are in our real identity because we have agreed with God that Christ is our life. He is the Source of our real humanity, genuine Godliness and guarantee of our living in the world as sons and daughters of God. We get to be more than a good human being in Christ our life. We grow into our real glory.

We can live as a matter of course in the false self. Living in externalities will be normal to us if we have made a life from the law and adherence to laws and strictures. There’s nothing internal about the law and its it an illusion to think it can be written on the heart even if it can be brainwashed into the mind. Jeremiah could not have known that the words he used referred to Christ in the Believer by the Spirit expressing Himself in the Believers body, soul and spirit. Here was one of the first prophecies of incarnation.

Tied to externalities we cannot live in the true self and are destined to make speeches and give teaching that appears substantial but is really a something and nothing that lacks spirit and life. Tied to the superficial we are captured in religion and seldom see out of the fish bowl in which we have confined ourselves.

We are touching on the fact already mentioned in these posts - we cannot ‘see’ reality living in something additional to Christ as our life. We do not know how to see and constantly fall into the folly of expecting Jesus to abandon His seeing and adopt ours - like believing our gospel instead of His. It emerges that to know God we must know Christ whereby we know ourselves and we are able to see reality as it is. Jesus said that to experience life to the full we must know Him who is truly God. This implies a baptism into Him that washes off veils and false christs from our consciousness.

We must die to self in order to ‘see.’ We must let go of our ego boundaries in order to ‘know.’ Jesus has broken down the dividing wall. The question is have you? Jesus said, ‘Unless you have been born again, ‘you cannot see the Kingdom of God.’ He’s talking about the false self. Unless you leave this behind with Adam you will not see who you are in Christ. New birth is not some spiritual abstraction. It’s about the real Jesus, a real death and resurrection and a real you: Ontology.

A false christ will render us a false self - either a person who is eccentric in a sad way or a person who is passive and dormant in a bad way because there is no indwelling spirit and life.

The true self is who you are in real companionship with God. We are one with God in Jesus - or more correctly, one with God when we see and know Jesus as He is: The Christ of God. To embrace the Christ of God is to see with clarity of vision. To cling to our own christ along with our own gospel is to distort life, cripple ourselves and evince an appalling lack of spiritual discernment.

Believers do not access life because it is not there or because they have no right to it. They do themselves out of it because they do not engage it. Real religion is about dying before we die so that we can be alive in our real selves as fountains of living water.
From Richard Rohr and the Real Self.