His life as your life


The extent to which we add to Jesus as all in all is the degree to which we suffocate life in the Spirit and undo ‘Christ come in our flesh.’ Since Jesus’ ascension to the present day there have been many confirmations, clarifications and unveilings of the gospel handed to the saints. In Christ veils are removed.

But there has never been a fresh revelation, or adjusted gospel because such a ‘gospel’ would be what Paul asserted it was –
another gospel that comes with a curse. Culturally we can live out a curse as a way of life.


To live from a piece of the law is to live from all of it. To live from religion is to live from a cultural version of the law. There is no life in the law. And no connection to God. How can there be in an abstraction? God is not defined by any law as many have been taught. The Ten Commandments are not His character (does God covet?) and He does not transcend them in any way. He is apart from rules and abstraction in that He is Himself and the I AM expressed as the relationship that is the trinity.

God is personal and God is relationship. He is in you and He is your life.


In being united to Jesus you are united to the Son of God as well as all humanity. It is this God Relationship of which you are a participant. God’s being is woven into yours and you are woven into God. The law is outside you and can never be part of you. But Jesus can. He lives in you and is imbued into your being. We are talking the ‘mutuality’ that is ours by means of our original creation and re-creation in Christ. Since the cross, you are
part of the being of God as Jesus is of the one being of God. You are in Christ and therefore in God in the fellowship of the trinity.

Grace is more than forgiveness. Grace is His life as ours.

The Father/Son relation falls within the one being of God, the Father and the Son inhering and coexisting eternally, wholly and perfectly in one another. God is Father precisely as he is eternally the Father of the Son, and the Son is God of God precisely as he is eternally Son of the Father. There is perfect and eternal mutuality between the Father and the Son, without any ‘interval’ in being, time or knowledge between them.” (1)


There is no interval of being between you and Jesus or you and the trinity. You are a son/daughter of God precisely as Christ is in you and is your life. This is where He has positioned you. This is where you are as your real self and this is where you find infinite and eternal life every day until that day when ‘death is swallowed up in victory’.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 119). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.