His life as your life


Christ in you is your glory being realised. It’s also the hope of the world.

The awesome love of our invisible God has become both visible and audible in Jesus Christ, the glory of the only Son filled with enduring love.” Brennan Manning (1934 2013) (1).


It becomes visible and real in you when you believe and embrace the fact that Jesus is your life. We call this life in the Spirit. A mystery of grace in which the person of Jesus manifests as you. It’s yours if you believe it. Not if you don’t. It’s available to you if you ignore it because it’s your inheritance. But it is not yours until it is part of your being because you believe it. You create your own reality which is why we need to be in tune with the mind and the reality of Christ.

The love of the God is the life of God. The wonders of nature and the stories of kindness and grace that pop up in places like Facebook are not random. Whether acknowledged or not these ‘glories’ are the expression of God’s life and love through people.


We speak on behalf of God because Father is infinitely better than He is made out to be and so are you. It disappoints me that people can have no conscience about living a pedestrian religious life, when they have this superlative inheritance. They are sons of God in whom God lives and they are one with Him. Yet what passes for them as a relationship with God is too often that they turn up to church most weeks.

These folks feel they need to keep this routine going. According to them, it’s all they have. In actual fact we are enveloped in the Being of God and more. You are the expression of the incarnated Christ and you have no need of supposedly mediatorial entities. Christ is in you and the trinity is woven into your being. You are never separated from God. But you are a son and an agent of His life in every situation.

Don’t be one for whom your religious routine is your life. Be a son for whom Christ is your life.


We can be sons of God notionally. We all are by definition. Sons of God in spirit and in truth are people for whom Jesus is their life. Distinct from Father as sons and daughters of God they are one with God because they live from the reality that they and their Father are one. Because God is their life their life is alive every day and in every place. Jeff Turner writes,

I want you to imagine that you are Jesus, the Father’s eternal Son the one who knows His true heart and character more intimately than anyone else in the galaxy.  Would it not frustrate you listening to men, claiming to be your Father’s representatives, speaking of Him as though He were an angry, austere, and distant deity?  Would your heart not be gripped with a passion when you overheard men using your Father’s name and word to condemn, belittle, and marginalize the weak, and to browbeat the innocent and impressionable?”

You create your own reality. Joined to the law you live in a rational-legal mindset and an epistemology of the letter that kills. Joined to Christ in new covenant union you dwell in the spirit of sonship and are a living expression of the spirit of wisdom and revelation. The Spirit of sonship is a function of Jesus as our life. Never a function of the law and the realm of Adam.

When Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life,’ He was declaring what He was. Today Jesus lives in you either in theory or in reality. You can make a ‘Christian life’ out of  religion or Christ can be your life because by the Spirit He has come in your flesh so that all you do is an expression of Him. There’s nothing religious about this, nothing pious, no my time and God’s time, no secular and sacred. Because Christ has become your life, you are the way, the truth and the life in being a daughter or a son of God.


Kriston Couchey puts it this way: “
If you have been born of the incorruptible seed of Christ and have been joined to Him and are One Spirit with Him, you cannot get any closer to Him then what you are. You are partaking of the very nature and being of the Godhead. What you can do is silence the voice of religious lies that says you have to do something more to be closer to God and trust Him when He says that what is finished is true and He will never leave or forsake you.”

Just live in His gift to you: Union with God.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. This is the day in which you are born again, in which you are a son/daughter of the new covenant and in which you have become life personified. Not because you got an anointing but because you lived in what is yours: Your interwoveness with God.

There’s a difference between giving a talk and being a stream of spirit and life. One is the Spirit of sonship in action. The other is the knowledge of good and evil with a Christian slant. One is talking about life. The other is life itself in the form of Christ as you.

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