Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Heaven gave us all it had in Jesus. Father gave us His Son. Jesus held nothing back. Thanks to His cross. Jesus is our life. Or He can be. The deal is that we live in Him. Jesus invites us to live in Him and not in our stuff. The reason? So that we make can make stuff live!

I read in Timothy this morning that a woman who lives for pleasure is dead even though she lives. So are we if we live in religion. Religion is anything that is not Jesus pretending to be life.

Heaven's life will be multiplied in power when we get the main issue sorted. He's not here to represent us. We live to represent Him. Jesus represented His Father. Our adventure is to represent Jesus. We represent Him when He is personally our life. In keeping with this principle, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is represented by our Isaac's, not our Ishmael's.


Jesus gives us life without limit so that we can multiply His life without limit. The only proviso is that He is entirely our life. Paul put it this way.
'You have one husband who is Christ.' What are the implications of this for the Kingdom of Heaven?

We may have made materialism our god or put our faith in financial management provisions. If so we have chosen these as 'our father.' Then again we may have attempted to find an identity through belonging. But did we choose belonging in a religious identity rather than in Father Himself? If we are living from something that is not God it makes it difficult to speak spiritually about God as our Father and Husband. We can't. We can only utter intellectualisms. This is why it is Jesus and not lesser things that must be our life.

We are sons of that which claims our identity. If we are living from a denominational or 'this is my church' identity, we are attempting to gain an identity from something less than Christ.
It's either one or the other. There are no dual identities in the Kingdom of God.

'Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized in the name of Paul?' 1 Cor. 1.13 NIV.

Sons have
one Father who is God. Should we have multiple 'fathers' we have an identity that is fractured and religious rather than life-giving.


A dual or multiple identity dulls our spiritual senses, dissipates the life of Jesus in us and sates what could have been our hunger for Jesus with junk food. But we do not call it junk food because we do not discern what it is. Yet the spiritual chains about our legs are as real as the those on the chain gangs of the convict era.

Most who are absorbed in religion do not have a passion for Jesus - even if they are legalistic or are diligent in religious activities. People can be diligent in the ways of the Holy Spirit yet insensitive to the subtleties between that which is spirit-life and that which is merely things religious people do. They are not Kingdom sensitive because they are not King sensitive. They are not King sensitive because they are loyal to more than one king. The flesh has immunized them against pure Kingdom life. This is why it is the
pure in heart who see God, Godliness and the Kingdom of His Son. Where Kingdom sensitivity is concerned it is not necessarily morality that defines purity. It is whether we are unconditionally joined to Jesus as our one husband.


Continuity of spirit and life is ours in the new covenant provision of God. Here we are in God and He in us. We are rooted in the soil of the trinity and our fruit is the fruit of the Spirit.

Many become paralyzed in passivity and recede into dormancy after an initial contact with the Holy Spirit. We can slip into charity work and Bible study in an unconscious effort to compensate for the Spirit who has come and gone again. Don't let routine be the substitute for a Jesus life. There is a soporific satisfaction in religion that will prevent us developing what Jesus means us to have: A hunger for God.

In the apostle's gospel Jesus is the beginning and the end. He is the way to life and our life itself. There is an order that
holds the universe together in love: The Person of Jesus. Someone remarked to me once, 'Is it not consistent to keep all the commandments rather than leave out any which we think may not apply?' I answered, 'This would be the case if Jesus had come to help us keep the Mosaic law but He did not. He came to be our our life.'


Similes for
un-life are dull, cloudy, grey, gloomy, confused, leaden and dismal. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are alive with passion. They hunger for our fellowship. Jesus went to the cross for the joy that He could see before Him. Father was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. He hungers for you with infinite desire. Jesus had a fierce love that was greater than death. Heaven has a passion for us and their desire is that we hunger for their presence.

Romance, passion, joy and delight are the resurrection life the Father seeds into us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is life Himself. He is our infinite, extravagant life. The kind of life we were redeemed to lust for! It's difficult to live from a belief system and have a God-hunger. I know many with a sense of obligation but none of these would blast anyone's boots off with their hunger for Jesus.
Assent and obligation are the 'letter' that anaesthetizes what could have been abandonment to Jesus. The letter kills desire and religion suffocates passion. But Jesus is your spirit and life!